Weekly Wretched: So This Is Suffering - Palace of the Pessimist

So This Is Suffering are one of the lesser known deathcore bands coming out of California, but they've been making tidal sized waves lately with their recent music videos for "Dreameater" and "Columbine," two tracks from their incredible new album "Palace of the Pessimist." The record was released on February 24th, but already has the internet in a frenzy about the beautifully crafted work of the four-piece representing Unique Leader Records. 2017 has already seen some pretty amazing music, but don't let "Palace of the Pessimist" fall through the cracks in your library - this is one album we think will not only place So This Is Suffering in their rightful place with the bigger names in the s

Saturday Morning Sickness: Knights of the Abyss

Welcome to Saturday Morning Sickness, the bi-weekly feature at Soulless where we spend the morning taking a look at one of the old school deathcore and heavy metal bands who we haven't heard about in a while! We're talking about the bands of the Myspace era when deathcore began to really thrive and take off. On the last SMS, we took a look at Belie My Burial but this week we're focusing on the legendary KNIGHTS OF THE ABYSS. Knights of the Abyss came into being in 2005 when drummer Andy Rysdam left Job for a Cowboy. The band ended up releasing three full lengths, an EP and a demo between 2005 and 2012, when the band went into a hiatus. In 2007 when Juggernaut was released, the band picked up

Deathly Destinations: Bell Witch Cave

Welcome to Deathly Destinations, a new selection of articles here at Soulless that will focus on the places of the dead. Deathly Destinations aims to focus on locations around the world that are either supposedly haunted or that have seen a lot of death or murders. If you know a local location that you'd like to share with us, contact us, we'd love to share it with the community! To kick off the Deathly Destinations feature, we're going to start with a location right here in the United States that is supposedly one of the more haunted locations in North America, and that is the Bell Witch Cave! Located in Adams, Tennessee, the Bell Witch Cave is cave that is estimated to be about fifteen mil

Notorious Death Row Last Meals

In the United States, it has become custom that an inmate who is sentenced to the death penalty receives a last meal - a final selection of food to enjoy usually a day or two before the inmate's "big day." The restrictions for "special meals" for the death row inmates vary from state to state, for example, in Florida the meal cannot exceed $40, while in Oklahoma it is limited to just $15. Fun fact: in Louisiana, the prison warden traditionally joins the inmate for their last meal, which must be a pretty interesting scene and conversation, for sure. I got curious about what some of the more famous death row inmates ordered for their final meals. Sure enough, some of the final meals for some p

Weekly Wretched: Lorna Shore - Flesh Coffin

One of New jersey's finest metal bands LORNA SHORE have finally released their incredibly anticipated new album, FLESH COFFIN, and speaking as a long-time fan, it is their best release to date. Flesh Coffin is dark, it's raw, it's powerful, and it's heavy as fuck. If you've been following the band the weeks leading up to Flesh Coffin, you no doubt heard the songs they chose to release early: FVNERAL MOON and Denounce the Light. After finally getting the chance to hear the album in its entirety, it's obvious why Lorna Shore chose these two songs in particular to introduce you to Flesh Coffin. They are perfect examples of how the band have matured and developed themselves since "Psalms" was re

Mortsafes - Protecting The Dead

Cemeteries are packed with the remains of our loved ones. Our grandparents, our parents, our children, our friends - no matter what the relation is to you, chances are you know someone who has taken up residency in one of the many cemeteries worldwide. In many of our modern day cemeteries, the resting place of the dead are well protected. But it wasn't always that way, and grave-robbing was most certainly a thing. That's right - people would actually go into the cemeteries, dig up the dead, and leave with either the body, items the body were buried with, or both! While some may hesitate to mess with the dead in fear of a curse being put on them or being haunted by the ghost, there was surpri

Black Widow Killers: Katherine Knight

The black widow is considered the most venomous spider in the North America, however, only the female black widow is dangerous to humans. It is also the females who bring life to the name "black widow" - the female spiders will occasionally kill and consume their male counterparts after mating. "Black widow" is also the perfect nickname for the female killer Katherine Knight - who famously killed her partner, skinned him, and tried to feed him to their children. Happy Valentine's Day, fiends! Katherine Mart Knight was born a twin on October 24, 1955 in New South Wales, Australia into a household that was already full of controversy before she was even conceived. Long story short, Katherine's

Weekly Wretched: Analepsy - Atrocities From Beyond

Bands lately have just been constantly one-upping their previous albums by adding better riffs, more brutal vocals, and crazier and crazier slams and breakdowns. This is most definitely the case for Portugal's ANALEPSY who just released their new album, "Atrocities from Beyond" back on January 27th. Atrocities from Beyond if a followup to their debut album, "Dehumanization by Supremacy" which came out back in 2015, and the band somehow managed to blow that great record out of the water with their latest release. Every track is a constant shock to your system as the record goes on, with each songs intensifying more and more. This has been a very highly anticipated record - and for anybody who

Saturday Morning Sickness: Belie My Burial

Welcome to the second edition of Saturday Morning Sickness, the bi-weekly feature at Soulless where we take you back to the early years of the deathcore genre and find some of the good and the bad bands of the older days! On the last SMS, we took a look back at ABACABB, but today we're going back to 2005 and the formation of BELIE MY BURIAL! From Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Belie My Burial made their debut in 2006 with the release of their four song demo just entitled "Demo." It wasn't until 2007 that "Persephone" was released, which contained "Finish Him," a song for which the music video skyrocketed the bands notoriety in the deathcore scene. Going back and watching the music video today is

New Enterprise Earth album! New song now streaming!

Enterprise Earth announced late last night that their new album, "Embodiment" is going to be released on April 14th, 2017 through Stay Sick Recordings! The band dropped the first song off the album, "Mortem Incarnatum" and it is quite possibly the hardest Enterprise Earth has gone - it is definetly heavy as fuck. Check out the video for it here and if you like what you hear, pick up a preorder!

Creep (2014 Film Review)

Creep is one of my favorite movies to come out since 2000. There - it's out there to start with! The movie is one of the best written films I have seen in such a long time, that after I saw it for the first time, I watched it three more times within the first month. That's how good of a job Patrick Brice and Mark Duplass (of "The League" fame) did on this movie. Such a good job that even three years later, I'm still recommending this movie to literally everybody who will listen to me talk about it. Normally, in these types of reviews I like to tell a pretty good in depth description of the film, but with Creep, I honestly do not think I can do such justice, so I'm going to keep this one nice

Santa Clarita Diet (Spoiler Alert!)

Over the weekend, a new series premiered on Netflix called "Santa Clarita Diet" which takes a fun spin on the zombie genre of television. It is most certainly defined as a horror-comedy, and who better to take the female lead in a production like this than Drew Barrymore?! Alongside Timothy Olyphant, who plays Barrymore's husband, and Liv Hewson, the couples' daughter, Barrymore takes on the role of Sheila Hammond - loving wife, mother, and real estate agent. The Hammond family lived your typical routine, boring life until a sudden transformation in Shelia causes a bit of tension in the Hammond household. The following review contains spoilers, so please continue reading only at your own ris

Weekly Wretched: Boris The Blade - Warpath

The past few years, a lot of fans are saying that deathcore bands are trying to break away from the genre, some even going to far as to say that the bands are embarrassed by the title. Some of these internet kids even talk about how deathcore is dead and gone - but these trolls clearly do not know the name BORIS THE BLADE, or the legacy the band is leaving behind with the release of "Warpath," their new 10 track release packed with Australian deathcore goodness. Where some bands like Suicide Silence and Whitechapel soften up their sound, Boris the Blade are coming in hot in 2017 with a heavier, fiercer, and more destructive album of their career. "Warpath" is a force to be reckoned with, and

Artist Feature: Cam Rackam

In the summer of 2015, I was lucky enough to go to the Long Island date of the Mayhem Festival (RIP) where I was introduced to the incredible art of Cam Rackam, painter, sculptor, and designer from Huntington Beach, California. Cam was there selling some of the designs from his clothing line - RCKM. Since then, I've been following the art of Rackam quite closely, and pretty much fall in love with every piece he shares with his 40k Instagram followers. Last summer, Cam graced Long Island yet again with his art show Red Winter, which was held at the Raison Gallery in the heart of the Hamptons. I unfortunately was not able to attend, but the internet luckily got a small glimpse into the show th

The Mark of the Soulless

Soulless opened its gates just a mere month ago, and since then the community (the "death cvlt") has seen such an insane amount of support, it's been very humbling. I cannot thank everyone enough for all of their love, opinions, comments, and support for all things Soulless. We are building a great community between our site and social media profiles - and it's growing more and more each day. Having said that, I am very, very excited to announce the debut of the new Soulless logo today! Designed by our new friend over at Brutal Logos, our new logo takes Soulless to a whole new level. It allows for us to go ahead with producing merchandise, print, and more. It allows us to bridge the gap betw

Case Study: Joel Rifkin

When many people think of a serial killer who went after prostitutes, many will think of Jack the Ripper - the unidentified killer from the late 1800s in London - but a little closer to home for those of us in America, we have Long Island murderer Joel Rifkin to talk about! Let's jump back a few years, to where this started in 1989... Joel David Rifkin was born on January 20th, 1959 and in 1965, his family had relocated to East Meadow, New York, a town on Long Island just outside of New York City. It is reported that growing up, Rifkin had trouble fitting in with the other kids at school and was often the target of bullies. He grew up with undiagnosed dyslexia and struggled academically, des


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