Killer Profile: Donald Harvey, the Angel of Death

Donald Harvey, otherwise known to the world as the "Angel of Death," was assaulted on March 28th in his prison cell in Ohio and passed away yesterday (March 30th, 2017) at the age of 64. It is with this news that we would like to focus today's "Killer Profile" feature on the Angel of Death, and just how he got his nickname and his 28 life sentences. Donald Harvey was born on April 15, 1952, and around the age of 18, he was already working in the medical field, working as an orderly at Marymount Hospital in London, Kentucky. It would later come out that during his short ten month stint at the hospital, Harvey took the life of at least a dozen patients, if not more. It was not for another seve

Killer Profile: Yang Xinhai

Yang Xinhai is the most prolific serial killer that China has ever seen - while not a whole lot is known about his private life or even his actual motive for the destruction and death he caused, his case will live in infamy throughout China for many years to come. Yang Xinhai was born into one of the poorest families in his village in the Henan Province of China. He was the youngest of the four children in his family, and was described as both clever and introverted. At age 17, he dropped out of school before beginning his life traveling China working as a labourer. But just three years later, Xinhai found himself in labour camps on the charge of theft. Shortly after, in 1996, he was sentenc

New The Acacia Strain song - Bitter Pill

The Acacia Strain are dropping their new album Gravebloom on June 30th, and they've teased the album with their new song Bitter Pill! Check out the video for it and if you like what you hear, grab yourself a preorder!

Weekly Wretched: Fit For An Autopsy - The Great Collapse

Fit For An Autopsy released their fourth studio album since forming in 2008 just over a week ago, and this record has been catching the attention of what seems to be everyone on the internet since the band first announced it. The New Jersey/New York based deathcore band are clearly here to make a statement, and make it a bold one at that - The Great Collapse appears to take on the modern day world, and just where the band sees it heading. FFAA teased the album over the past two months with music videos for the songs "Heads Will Hang" and "Black Mammoth" and people in metal communities throughout the 'net have been talking non-stop about the force to be reckoned with: Fit For An Autopsy. The

Saturday Morning Sickness: We Are The End

Another week has come and gone, and with it brings the weekend! So sit back, relax and turn your speakers up because we got an oldie but a goodie on our radar this week... today's Saturday Morning Sickness goes to who other than WE ARE THE END! We Are The End were formed way back in 2005 in Los Angeles, California and two years later, they dropped their first EP entitled "Skies Most Wanted," which contained only three tracks. Those three tracks, however, helped boost WATE into underground Myspace fame, due to their intense heavy chugging and raw vocals. "Skies Most Wanted," "1000 Bodies To Bury," and "A Portrait Painted By a Prince" were all highly desired songs for every deathcore kids Mysp

The Witch (Spoilers)

New England, 1630: After being shunned from the Puritan plantation, a family of five children and their two parents must establish their own life outside the walls of the community, amidst the unruly wilderness. Tensions begin to rise between the entire family as the crops they grow begin to fail, and even worse, the newborn baby disappears while in the care of the eldest sibling, the teenager Thomasin. As the family tries to work out and survive their situation, the ties that hold them together slowly begin to unravel as evil begins to take shape. In a genre over-saturated with movies that rely on jump-scares to entertain the viewers, The Witch did a remarkable job leaving you stunned witho

Community Artist Feature: Ghost

Check out this fucking gorgeous anatomical heart coffin from the very talented Ghost! She has some of her other artwork up on her Instagram page, so please go give her some Soulless love over at @decimatedcorpse! I'm in total love with this drawing! 💀 We'd love to start sharing what our inspired by death community creates - whether it be drawings, paintings, music, whatever it is you create! The lovely Ghost kicked it off and set the bar super high, but feel free to send us your creations to share with the death cvlt! Thanks again for sharing your work with us, Ghost!

The Lizzie Borden Story

"Lizzie Borden took an axe, gave her mother forty whacks, when she'd seen what she'd done, she gave her father forty one!" The story of Lizzie Borden goes way back to 1892 in the town of Fall River, Massachusetts. Andrew Jackson Borden - father to Lizzie and Emma Borden - started off his younger years struggling financially, despite coming from a family of wealth. He eventually went on to become a successful business man through the production and sale of furniture and caskets before becoming a property developer and textile mill director. Despite his newfound wealth, however, Borden was pretty notorious for his frugality. He was not one to waste a single penny and was hesitant to hand anyth

Weekly Wretched: Human Error - Upon A Throne of Greed

"Upon A Throne of Greed" is the highly anticipated EP from Vicious Instinct Records artist HUMAN ERROR. Those who have been following along with this band are well aware of just who this band is comprised of, but for those of you out of the loop: Human Error has Luke Griffin on vocals (of Acrania) and Jake Hadley on drums (also of Acrania), Luke Haarhoff on guitars (of Vulvodynia and Engorging the Autopsy), Matt Mader on guitars (of Vulvodynia), and Dan Cooke on bass (of Acrania). So yeah, this lineup was created by the gods of slam to bring forth one fucking monster of an EP for us, and Upon A Throne of Greed is just that. The EP consists of only five songs and clocks in at just under 20 mi

Superstition Sunday #1

Welcome to the first edition of Superstition Sunday at Soulless! There are a ton of superstitions from every culture around the world - and every other Sunday, we're going to share some of the fascinating ones, the weird ones, the deadly ones, and the more bizarre superstitions we can find! Each edition of our new feature will hold anywhere from three to five superstitions - some weeks they might share a theme, and some week they might just be a random assortment! But for today's edition, Superstition Sunday #1, it seems only fitting that all of our superstitions today revolve around good ol' Death! Let's jump right into it! HOLD YOUR BREATH! Probably one of the more popular superstitions re

A Letter To Eddie

In light of recent events in the deathcore community, today at Soulless is less of an article and more of an editorial. There has been some drama developing over the past month or so, and I think now is an appropriate time as any to throw my two cents about it in, in the form of an open letter to Eddie Hermida of Suicide Silence. Dear Eddie, It'a shame it's gotten to this point. It's a shame your new album, which you touted as the record you were "born to write," was not well received by the metal community. It's a shame your bands new direction didn't settle well with many of your fans, but I guess that's fine by you since you claim you didn't write the record for Suicide Silence fans anywa

Memento Mori

As "death culture" continues to grow and become more and more apparent in the world around us, the rise of "memento mori" use also continues to grow. But what exactly is meant by the phrase memento mori? In Latin, the phrase translates to "remember that you have to die" - a translation that is the best way to describe a memento mori! It is the greatest reminder in our lives: that we are mortals, that our lives should be detached from the superficial world around us, and that we will all die one day. It is the eternal reminder that no matter where you are in your life - if you are a king or a beggar, a rich man or poor man, a famous figure or an everyday family man - we will all suffer the sa

Weekly Wretched: Wormhole - Genesis

Wormhole released one hell of an album towards the end of last year - Genesis; the long hyped debut full length from some truly brilliant minds. The project brings together the forces of Calum Forrest (of Operation Cunt Destroyer and Engorging the Autopsy) and Duncan Bentley (of Vulvodynia) on vocals, Sanjay Kumar on guitars/bass and Sanil Kumar on guitars. So already right off the bat, you better be prepared for an absolutely insane album, and boy do Wormhole bring it. The album definitely falls into the technical brutal death metal genre - something you'll noticed just a few minutes in to Genesis. The brutality begins instantly when the first track "Nurtured in a Poisoned Womb" kicks in -

Saturday Morning Sickness: Annotations of an Autopsy

Welcome to another edition of Saturday Morning Sickness at Soulless, where we take a look at some of the older and sometimes forgotten bands from the scene from years past! On the last SMS, we took a trip back in time to when Knights of the Abyss were still around! This week, we're going back to the same time period when a particular band known as ANNOTATIONS OF AN AUTOPSY were one of the hardest bands in the metal scene! Annotations of an Autopsy were a British deathcore band that formed in 2006, and who eventually ended up changing their sound to a more death metal sound in their later years. After only a year together, the band found themselves signed to Siege Of Amida Records, who helped

Deathly Destinations: Cinco Saltos, Argentina

Welcome to Deathly Destinations at Soulless, where our focus is on haunted or deadly locations around the world. In the providence of Río Negro in Argentina, on the eastern side of the valley of the Neuquén River lies a city known as Cinco Saltos, which translates to "Five Waterfalls." The city gets its name from the five level steps of the canal that passes by the eastern limit of the city. To some, the city is known simply as Cinco Saltos, but to others, it is referred to by its darker name... the "City of Witches." "The City of Witches" gets its name from the reports of witchcraft that apparently occurs in the region of Bajo Negro. The area reportedly gets no sunlight during the day, so i

What Does "Right To Die" Mean?

Terminal illness is something my brain cannot even begin to process, in the sense that I cannot even begin to imagine what a person must feel after finding out that their illness cannot be cured. It's a horrifying thought that I don't think anybody really thinks about unless it happens to somebody they know. And even then, unless it's happening to you personally, I'm not sure anybody can really begin to imagine how that feels. Being told you have limited time remaining - be it one week, one month, or even a year - has to be so fucking scary. But there is a movement happening right now that is hoping to help these people in a way that may not be for everyone, but for some, it might mean the w

NYC: Annual Oddities Flea Market This Sunday!

Attention New York City! Don't miss the first Annual Oddities Flea Market this Sunday at the Brooklyn Bazaar! There will be tons of odd and unusual items for sale across three floors, as well as a bar and restaurant! Entry is only $2 and the event runs from 11am until 6pm. The event is hosted by the amazing Ryan and Regina Cohn, as well as Mile Zohn and Evan Michelson from Obscura and the Oddities television show! Come hang out, see some cool unusual stuff, and bring something home with you! Soulless will be there throughout the day - we hope to see you there!!

Weekly Wretched: She Must Burn - Grimoire

She Must Burn have been creating quite a bit of hype in the metal community since they began teasing their new record "Grimoire." Well, the day of release has finally come and gone, and the question remains as to if the UK-based metal outfit have lived up to the hype of their new release. Grimoire is a dark and melodic collection for sure - but don't let the "melodic" word scare you, the album is definitely heavy and will undoubtedly appeal to fans of bands like (old school) Motionless in White, Cradle of Filth (believe it or not!), and of course the band that they are currently touring the United States with - Carnifex. It appears that She Must Burn have taken their favorite aspects of band

Danse Macabre - "Dance of Death"

Danse Macabre, also known as "Dance of Death," is one of most interesting genres of art because of what it stands for. The Dance of Death is painted as a reminder of that the touch of death afflicts us all at some point - from the richest of kings to the lowest criminals. Death takes us all in the end, and the Danse Macabre depicts just that. The art depicts a personified death, dancing or leading people to the grave. In a lot of cases, the living that were portrayed in the paintings were emperors, kings, popes, and even children. These paintings are what's called memento mori, which are pieces of art used to be symbolic of our own mortality. The Dance of Death is a reminder of how thin the

Forensic Files Is Still The Best Show Ever

Television these days is filled with a lot of trash - terrible reality shows, horrible news broadcasts, and some pretty half-assed sitcoms. But one show has prevailed through all of the lame gimmicks, terrible comedy, and reused story lines... and that show is the almighty Forensic Files! For those who may not have seen the show before (if that's even somehow possible!) - Forensic Files is a crime show that is shown very much in a documentary-style way that shows violent crimes and mysterious deaths, and how forensic science stepped in - sometimes even more than a decade later - to help solve the crime, put the suspect in custody, and the victims family at ease. It's easily the most addictin


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