Halfway to Halloween: Walpurgis Night

The sun is going down, it's beginning to cool down outside, the night time critters are beginning their descent over your neighborhood... and Walpurgis Night is just beginning! Tonight, April 30th, marks the beloved holiday known as Walpurgis Night, or in its long form, Walpurgisnacht. Tonight is the eve of the feast day of Saint Walpurga, but to us, tonight is a night of magic and mystery. Tonight is Witches Night! Tonight is a night of bonfires, celebration, dancing, and the enjoyment of life! Walpurgis has its roots in ancient pagan customs, festivals, and superstitions. The bonfires used on this day are thought to scare off evil spirits as the Spring weather approaches and with it, bring

Superstition Sunday #3

Welcome to Superstition Sunday #3 at Soulless, our bi-weekly look at some weird and wild superstitions from different cultures across the world. For this week's edition, we're focusing on the superstitions surrounding the spilling of salt. Salt, believe it or not, is believed to have many magical properties and for those of you who are familiar with the basics of modern witchcraft, you definitely keep plenty of salt around for use! I thought this was a fun topic to cover, so check out some of these cool superstitions! GET IT TOGETHER, JUDAS! During the Middle Ages, salt was expensive so it was important to avoid spillage whenever possible. But for those who did spill it, you just surrounded

The Acacia Strain - "Big Sleep"

The Acacia Strain premiered a brand new track off their upcoming album "Gravebloom" entitled "Big Sleep." The track features Matt Honeycutt of Kublai Khan on guest vocals! Check out the video and if you dig what you hear, grab Gravebloom June 30th and catch TAS on Warped Tour all summer long!

Cause of Death: Selfie

People these days are obsessed with their cell phones - many people have theirs always in hand in fear of missing anything on social media. We live in a time where numbers, likes, and comments drive our every day, and people have become obsessed with sharing their entire personal life on these platforms to get those views. Some people are willing to do anything to get a like on the Internet, even if it puts their life at risk. Unfortunately, not every risky photo shoot makes it to social media; in these cases, the selfie led to death. Check out this list of selfie related deaths and injuries, and hopefully learn from these peoples mistakes! In June 2014, a sixteen year old girl fell sixty fe

Shadow Of Intent - "Reclaimer" Album Stream

Shadow Of Intent have released a full album stream via YouTube of their new album "Reclaimer." Check out the album in its entirety in the video above and if you like what you hear, consider picking up a copy of "Reclaimer" to support the awesome dudes in Shadow Of Intent!

Cvlt Collective: DEATH, Now Streaming

"Cvlt Collective" is a series of articles written by Soulless writer Bobby Cvlt where it is more of an opinion/editorial style article as opposed to the more standard types of articles published here at Soulless. The views expressed therein are solely that of Bobby Cvlt and does not reflect the opinion of anyone else at Soulless Cult. You've no doubt seen it in the news, especially lately: death, live streamed in all its glory through social media. As time goes on, more and more death-related incidents are being streamed through platforms such as Facebook Live and it has been causing an uproar in the online community. Just off the top of my head, I can think of a handful: a man who was shot

Soulless Enamel Pins Now Available

Soulless Cult is excited to announce that our inverted cross enamel pins are now available for purchase through our online store! The cross pin measures at 1.5" tall, has two posts with rubber backs for extra security, and glows in the dark! Show your allegiance to the dark with these awesome pins on your shirt, jacket, pin board, where ever! Buy yours today for only $8 at our online store!

Weekly Wretched: Martyr Defiled - Young Gods

If you listen to heavy music, Martyr Defiled is a name that should not be new to you. The UK-based deathcore outfit has been around for ten years, and their last album "No Hope No Morality" created waves throughout the heavy music scene for their unique take on the genre that seemed to literally blend every genre of metal. The band's newest offering, "Young Gods" does not stray far from that same standard the band sets for themselves. There's a ton of amazing new music that's been coming out this year, but "Young Gods" has been one of the ones I've been most excited for - and I am incredibly pleased to say that it surpassed my expectations a thousand times over. The twelve songs that make up

Saturday Morning Sickness: Through The Eyes Of The Dead

It's finally fucking Saturday, and you know what that means: Saturday Morning Sickness! In case you are unaware of what SMS is, every other Saturday morning we take a look at an older, usually Myspace-era deathcore/death metal band, reminisce in some old music, and find out if the band is up to anything more recently. This week we're going super old school with one of the first extreme metal bands I discovered all those years ago... THROUGH THE EYES OF THE DEAD. The legendary Through The Eyes Of The Dead were formed in 2003 out of Florence, South Carolina. Guitarist Justin Longshore put the band together and through numerous line-up changes, Longshore has always been the one constant in TTEO

New Spite Music Video - "Despise"

SPITE just dropped a brand new track and music video to go with it for a song called "Despise." It's got Spite's unique, filthy sound sure to please old fans and grab the attention of new ones! Check out the video and let us know what you think!

Post-Mortem Photography: The Thanatos Archive

Last week at Soulless, we posted an Introduction to Post-Mortem Photography where we showed some examples of what exactly this type of photography entails and some basic history about where it came from. If you had an interest in this topic before we posted our article, then you probably already know something about today's topic. And if you don't, then perfect - you're in for a treat! Today at Soulless, we're taking a look at The Thanatos Archive. The Thanatos Archive lives just outside of Seattle, Washington and is an extensive and exquisite collection of post-mortem and memorial photographs. The collection is owned and operated by Jack Mord, and contained within it are photographs from th

New Slaughter to Prevail "Chronic Slaughter" Video

Slaughter to Prevail just unleashed their brand new music video for the song "Chronic Slaughter" from their upcoming album "Misery Sermon." The album drops May 5th, so prepare yourself for the Russian hate takeover with this crazy new track from Slaughter to Prevail! Catch the band on tour now with Oceano through the end of May!

The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy

The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy has to be one of the best kept secrets by fans of the macabre! It is a poetry book written and illustrated by Tim Burton - that's right, the Tim Burton responsible for all of your favorites: Beetlejuice, Nightmare Before Christmas, Edward Scissorhands... the list goes on and on, and he's no strange to the world of weird. But did anybody know in 1997 he had a collection of strange and eerie poems published?! And that he brought the characters to life through not only illustration but by the toy collection that followed, Tim Burton's Tragic Toys for Girls & Boys?! If you didn't already know, then now you do - and I honestly cannot recommend to you enough to g

Weekly Wretched: Enterprise Earth - Embodiment

It's been two years since Enterprise Earth released their debut full length, Patient Ø through Stay Sick Recordings, but I know I'm definitely not alone in having counted the days since it was released until more Enterprise Earth goodness was delivered. And this past Friday, the long awaited follow up to Patient Ø finally dropped - Embodiment takes the band to a new level of death metal that separates these dudes from a lot of other bands in the genre. Embodiment lives up to the hype, without a doubt. The album kicks off with wailing guitars on "Shroud of Flesh," the first of thirteen tracks on Embodiment. It's not long before the iconic and legendary vocals by Dan Watson break through the s

New Shadow of Intent - "The Catacombs"

Shadow of Intent dropped a new lyric video for the song "The Catacombs" from their upcoming album, "Reclaimer," which is out April 28th! This song is a pretty fucking special one, though, as it features not one but two guest vocalists, both of who are pretty notorious in this music scene. "The Catacombs" features Jason Evans from Ingested as well as Dickie Allen from Infant Annihilator, and both of them along with Ben Duerr completely destroy the vocals on this while the rest of the band tears it the fuck up. This track is no joke, and is sure to get the band some the attention they very well deserve! Check out the video for the song and if you like what you hear, you can preorder a copy of

Superstition Sunday #2

Welcome to Superstition Sunday #2 at Soulless, where we focus on weird yet fascinating superstitions from around the world. Since today's feature falls on Easter Sunday, I thought it would be fun to direct today's topic to the holiday! Let's jump right in... THE ILLS OF MARCH 25TH Apparently, if either Good Friday or Easter Sunday fall on March 25th (which is also Lady Day), there is a superstition that a national misfortune will occur in the following year. In 1910, Good Friday fell on March 25th and Edward VII died following a short sickness. And in 1951, Easter Sunday fell on March 25th and George VI saw his demise in the months that followed. The next time this occurs is in 2035, when Ea

Soulless Cult Logo Pins Now Available!

Soulless is very excited to announce that our logo pins are now available for purchase through our online store! These gnarly soft enamel pins measure at 1.5" tall and even glow in the dark! Perfect for your jacket, shirt, pin board, anywhere! Grab yours & pledge your allegiance to the dark for only $8 exclusively at our webstore!

New God of Nothing Video - "Lorraine"

Check out the brand new music video by GOD OF NOTHING for the track "Lorraine." The track is from the bands upcoming EP "Silent Silhouette" which will be released May 12th! If you like what you hear, you can preorder Silent Silhouette for only five bucks at their webstore, where you can also grab t-shirts, or click here to preorder on itunes! Find God of Nothing on Facebook to stay updated on the band!

The Real Life Sleeping Beauty

Say hello to the real life Sleeping Beauty - Rosalia Lombardo! Just by looking at the photo, you can already understand just why she has rightfully earned the nickname. But what you might not realize upon first glance is that the fate for this poor little girl was a short two year life. Rosalia was born on December 13, 1918, and only lived a few days past her two year birthday - she passed away on December 6, 1920. But it's what happened after her death that helped her live forever. After his daughter's passing, Mario Lombardo was clearly grieving her death, as any parent would. So Mario caught out the help of Alfredo Salafia, a student of Chemistry who was also noted for his work in the emb

An Introduction to Post-Mortem Photography

Post-mortem photography has become a popular subject on the Internet over the past few years, with people becoming slightly obsessed with collecting the images both on and off line. But for those who have never heard the term before - there's a good chance you've at least seen a post-mortem photo before. What exactly are we talking about?! Read on! Post-mortem photography is the practice of photographing deceased family members and friends. Its popularity grew in the nineteenth century when photography became more accessible to people, but remember, photography was not how it is it today! Back then, the daguerreotype process is how photography was done, and the process required a much longer


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