Mental Cruelty - Pereat Mundus

If you're a fan of disgustingly heavy music and have not heard the name Mental Cruelty before, man... am I about to fuck your world up. Mental Cruelty are a four-piece deathcore/brutal death metal band from Germany who have been making waves in the metal scene since the release of their debut EP, Pereat Mundus late last year. It's a savage five track album that only runs about twenty minutes, but in those twenty minutes, these four Germans have managed to create a twisted blend of deathcore that many attempt yet few have accomplished. Mental Cruelty are the next big name in deathcore, there's no doubt about that, so if you haven't yet heard Pereat Mundus, consider this your warning: Mental

The Majestic 12

If you've been binge-listening to Oceano's new album Revelation just as much as I have, you've no doubt heard (and hopefully love) one of the new tracks entitled "Majestic 12." When I first saw the tracklist for Revelation, I got disgustingly excited about there being a track called "Majestic 12" since it is a name I am very familiar with. Outside of my obsession with death, my next biggest obsession is aliens, and to fellow alien conspiracy theorists, the Majestic 12 is a group that needs to introduction. But in case you don't know the name, allow me to introduce you to... the Majestic 12. The Majestic 12, also commonly referred to as MJ-12, is the code name given to an elite group of peopl

Weekly Wretched: Oceano - Revelation

It is finally here, it has finally arrived. Revelation, the brand new full length album by the Windy City's finest of deathcore legends OCEANO has finally been unleashed upon the masses. It has been two years since the release of the highly successful Ascendants album, and Oceano are back with their unique, brutally raw sound of out of this world death fucking metal. The band has spent the past month and a half on the road with a tremendous touring package and on the tour, the band gave a slight teaser of what was to come with the release of Revelation... but nothing they teased could have prepared us for the bomb that was dropped on the heavy music scene on May 19th. One question remains...

WIN Oceano's Revelation on Limited Edition Vinyl! Enter Now!

OCEANO have a brand new album, REVELATION dropping on May 19th, and we're excited to announce that to celebrate its release, Soulless is giving away a copy of the new album on limited edition vinyl! The version we are giving away is limited to only 250 worldwide, and is a sick transparent purple and red color variant. One grand prize winner will receive the limited edition vinyl and a Soulless inverted cross enamel pin! Two runner-up winners will receive Soulless inverted cross enamel pins! TWO WAYS TO ENTER! DOUBLE YOUR CHANCES OF WINNING! 1) Go to our Instagram page, follow the account, and then 'like' the contest photo, and then tag a friend in a comment on the photo! 2) Go to our Faceboo

Enamel Pins On Sale Now!

Soulless inverted cross soft enamel pins are available for purchase through our online store, and are now on sale for online $6.66 plus shipping! The pins measure at 1.5" and the white in the cross glows in the dark for all of our fellow creatures of the night! The pins have 2 posts on the back that come with rubber ends to provide added security, making it perfect to pin to your jacket, shirt, backpack, or even your pin board! Pick yours up today at the Soulless online store, and be sure to share your photos of you rockin' your pin with us on social media using the hashtag #soullesscult!

Weekly Wretched: Revenant - Osculum Est Mortis

Osculum Est Mortis has been unleashed upon the Earth, and with it comes some of the finest deathcore to drop this year. The band behind this five-track monster is REVENANT, a band whose members are not strangers to this genre of music: the band is made up of former members of Fit For An Autopsy, A Night At The Chalet and I Killed Everyone! These dudes all got a history in heavy music, and this group of dudes put their talents together to create a pretty insane package known as Osculum Est Mortis, or "Kiss Of Death." Revenant has to be one of my favorite underground/under-appreciated bands in deathcore and death metal right now, so their spot in this weeks Weekly Wretched is not only well des

Show Review: The Revelation Tour ft. Oceano, Slaughter To Prevail & More!

May 12, 2017 - The Revelation Tour finally hit Long Island, New York in its final stretch of the tour. The lineup for this event was one that I've been hyped for since the moment the flyer dropped, and its been a long wait until the tour finally arrived in the Soulless Crypt's backyard. The tour's main attraction is, of course, Oceano, who are out promoting their album that drops in less than a week - May 19th - an album of the same name: Revelation. Oceano pulled all the stops this time around and made sure they brought a package with them that was diverse enough to bring fans of all types of sounds. Yet the bands all had one common factor: Oceano brought out the heavy hitters making a ripp

Beware the Bog Body!

There's a good chance if you're a weekly reader of Soulless, this probably isn't the only site you follow that shares stories and images of the macabre. In doing so, you probably have come across photos at some point in your online life of bodies that seem to have a dried out look to them. These bodies are known as bog bodies, and they are both fascinating and haunting at the same time! Bog bodies are human bodies that have been mummified in a peat bog. Bogs are wetlands that accumulates peat, which is dead plant material such as moss. Bogs arise in areas where the water at the ground level is acidic and low in nutrients. Bog water is typically a shade of brown and is pretty unappealing. The

Weekly Wretched: Slaughter To Prevail - Misery Sermon

If the name Slaughter To Prevail doesn't yet strike fear into the very depths of your core, you clearly haven't seen them or heard their new debut full length, Misery Sermon. The band caught the attention of metalheads across the United States when they joined the Summer Slaughter festival last year, and spent the summer shredding the stage to pieces playing songs from their EP, Chapters of Misery. It seems like it's been an eternal wait waiting for this album to finally be in our hands, and Misery Sermon has surpassed our expectations and brought Slaughter To Prevail to a level of brutality many strive for and few achieve - 2017 is the year of Russian hate, and it's the year of Slaughter To

Saturday Morning Sickness: As Blood Runs Black

Just as the warmer months are approaching and things are getting heated, we're just getting the party started with Saturday Morning Sickness at Soulless! If you're unfamiliar with Saturday Morning Sickness, it is our bi-weekly throwback to the days of Myspace metal; when we would spend hours every day sitting around listening to the newest underground metal songs and adding the heaviest of the heavy to auto-play on our profiles. On the last SMS, we took a look at the legends in Through The Eyes of The Dead! But this week, we're focusing our attention on good ol' AS BLOOD RUNS BLACK! As Blood Runs Black, otherwise known as ABRB, were formed way back in 2003 out of Los Angeles, California. The

Cemetery Receiving Vaults

Death is a crazy thing - it doesn't stop. It doesn't care what time of day it is, what day of the week it is, or even what month of the year it is - death comes and doesn't care about the world around it. In the warmer months of the year, or in places where it is warmer year round, when someone dies they are simply buried a few days later and that's it. But in areas where the cold swoops in and with it, the snow falls and the grounds freeze, how do we bury the dead? In modern days, this isn't much of an issue any more but in the past, this was a huge problem. The ground was sometimes to hard to simply dig with a shovel, so the death industry had to come up with a way to deal with this, and t

This Saturday: Obscura Day 2017

This Saturday, May 6th, an exciting adventure awaits you, your family and your friends! Obscura Day 2017 is this Saturday, and you have just enough time to still buy tickets to your Obscura event and get your plans together for your adventure this weekend! Unfamiliar with Obscura Day?! Here's the lowdown: it's a day set aside by the awesome folks at Atlas Obscura where they have partnered with locations world wide! No joke - there are over 170 events going on in 36 states and 25 countries! This is education on a tremendous scale, and the discoveries all await you this Saturday! Atlas Obscura are the professionals when it comes to strange and unusual places - they go where the map makers don'

Weekly Wretched: Shadow of Intent - Reclaimer

A little over as year ago, a little known band called Shadow of Intent dropped an album called "Primordial" that seemingly redefined the melodic deathcore and death metal scenes by infusing every type of sound into their record. Since its release, the dudes have created quite the name for themselves and fans have been begging and pleading for more. Well, this past Friday the band finally delivered on its long awaited follow-up to Primordial, and it hits even fucking harder and goes even fucking crazier than you could even think Shadow of Intent can go. "Reclaimer" is the devastating new release from SoI and the dudes have done it yet again; this one's another game changer. "We Descend..." ki


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