Spite - "Kill Or Be Killed" Music Video

SPITE just dropped a brand new music video for "Kill Or Be Killed" from their upcoming album "Nothing Is Beautiful" which comes out July 28th on Stay Sick Recordings. Check out the music video above, and if you dig what you hear, grab yourself a preorder of the album here. You can also catch SPITE on tour this summer across the US with Make Them Suffer and Enterprise Earth!

Win The Acacia Strain's New Album On Vinyl!

THE ACACIA STRAIN have a brand new album entitled GRAVEBLOOM dropping this Friday , June 30th! To celebrate its release, Soulless is giving away a limited edition vinyl of the album! We're giving away a white and silver with electric blue splatter variant to one lucky winner! There's only 600 of these worldwide and they look absolutely sick! To enter, all you have to do is follow our Instagram account @soullesscult, then find and like the contest post, and then comment on it! One winner will be chosen at random after the contest has closed and we ensure that all criteria has been met. This contest is only open to all USA residents of legal age - sorry international fans! The contest ends at

Saturday Morning Sickness: Thrash And Burn Tour (RIP)

Every other Saturday morning at Soulless, we take a look at some of the band's from metal's past, and we usually try to bring up the bands from the Myspace era of deathcore when the scene was just beginning to kick off. We've covered such gnarly bands such as Dr. Acula, We Are The End, Annotations of an Autopsy, and our latest one: Suffokate. But since summer officially started just days ago, and summer is the festival season, I figured it'd be fun to take a look back on some of the amazing tours and festivals of the genres past, see if we could pull together a list of who played, and reminisce about some crazy shows we've been to! To kick off our tour feature this Saturday morning, we're st

Defleshed And Gutted - The Prophecy in the Entrails

If you like you're metal heavy, loud, brutal and fucking gory and you haven't heard of Defleshed and Gutted, you're missing out. The El Paso, Texas-based five piece brutal death metal band released their debut full length, The Prophecy in the Entrails, back in April, but the band are definitely not new-comers to the scene - Defleshed and Gutted released a self-titled EP back in 2014, as well as various singles over the years, but their time to shine has finally arrived - and with it, they brought along with them one of the most insane, in-your-face shows of pure death metal brutality you could find. The Prophecy in the Entrails has nine straight up violent and sick songs on it - and all the

Soulless Cult Enamel Pins Only $6.66!

Our iconic inverted cross soft enamel pins are in stock over at our shop, and are only $6.66 plus shipping! These soft enamel pins of the Soulless Cult logo measure at 1.5" tall and glow in the dark! Show your allegiance to the dark with these awesome pins on your shirt, jacket, pin board, where ever! They have two posts on the back with black rubber ends for extra security, and are the perfect accessory for every metalhead and blasphemous motherfucker out there! Head over to our shop to grab yourself one today!

Thy Art Is Murder's "Dear Desolation" Announced!

Australian goliaths THY ART IS MURDER have officially announced that their brand new album, "Dear Desolation" will be available in stores and online August 18th, 2017 via Nuclear Blast Entertainment and Human Warfare! And along with this announcement, they released a brand new music video and song off of Dear Desolation entitled "Slaves Beyond Death." The follow-up album to Holy War has been incredibly anticipated, especially since the band announced that vocalist CJ McMahon returned to his role in the band following some personal issues. Check out "Slaves Beyond Death" in the video above, and if you like what you hear, there are preorders available at thyartismurder.net. ALBUM TRACKLIST: 01

The Death Mask

Death masks, in a slightly weird but strangely beautiful way, were a way for the faces of the dead to be preserved and remembered for eternity. Also known as a funeral mask, these "masks" were commonly made out of wax or plaster, and were made shortly after the death of a loved one. These were more common during times when photography was not yet around, so what's a better way to preserve the face of your beloved than to create what was essentially a 3D bust of the persons face?! After drying, the death masks could either be used as memento mori, or they could be used to help assist in future portraits that were to be made of the deceased. The great thing about these molds were that they cou

The Voynich Code - Aqua Vitae

Coming straight out of the beautiful Lisbon, Portugal, the five gnarly dudes who make up The Voynich Code launched a full on assault on the metal community last month with the release of the bands debut full length album, "Aqua Vitae." These talented young guys created a sick new technical-deathcore blend that is sure to please fans of both the brutal breakdown-obsessed fan base as well as the people who love crazy solos, wild riffs, and straight up dirty, filthy metal. Aqua Vitae has to be one of the more technical records I've gotten my hands on this year; up there on par with bands like Shadow of Intent, Rings of Saturn, and even Abiotic. Aqua Vitae is already making pretty steady waves i

Saturday Morning Sickness: Suffokate

Welcome to another Saturday Morning Sickness at Soulless, where we take a journey down heavy music's past and revisit some of the good ol' Myspace-era metal bands. We'll take a look at some of the sick releases the band put out, a little bit of their history, and we'll find out if the band still exists today! On the last edition of SMS, we took a look at As Blood Runs Black and their history; the band we're talking about today, however, arguably can be considered the grandfathers of deathcore. They've been around for a long, long time and their previous records still remain fan favorites all these years later. The band we're talking about today is none other than SUFFOKATE! Suffokate started

The Journey of Ancient Egypt's Dead

The ancient Egyptians believed that after death, one can become immortal in the afterlife if they followed a very elaborate set of funerary practices and rites. The Egyptians believed heavily in life after death, and had very particular ways that the dead should be handled, magic spells that should be cast over the dead, and even specific items that the dead should be buried with that will help to ensure their immortality. It is believed that the reason for the incredibly elaborate preparation for the dead is because the ancient Egyptians believed in many gods, and that each god would judge the individual separately, so it was essential to be as prepared as possible for each god you may enco

Cvlt Collective: Summer Music Festivals

"Cvlt Collective" is a series of articles written by Soulless writer Bobby Cvlt where it is more of an opinion/editorial style article as opposed to the more standard types of articles published here at Soulless. The views expressed therein are solely that of Bobby Cvlt and does not reflect the opinion of anyone else at Soulless Cult. I've always loved the summer, and I've always loved everything about the summer. Warm weather, beaches, BBQs, and even something as basic as hanging out by the fire with your crew as the sun disappears and your night just begins - I love it all. But one of the things I love most about the summer is the music festivals. Growing up in the metal and extreme music

Wednesday 13 - Condolences

What do you get when you mix a kick-ass hard rock band with horror movies and death? You get the legendary Wednesday 13, along with his truly unique voice, his standout guitar riffs, and everything horror horror horror! If you're unfamiliar with Wednesday 13, you might know him better for his other work in the Murderdolls or even the Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13! His new album, "Condolences," just hit streets the other day, and it's his seventh full length album under the Wednesday 13 name, and honestly, this might be his best record yet! I've been a fan of W13 for a full fifteen years now; my first time hearing his voice was the release of the Murderdolls debut album, "Beyond The

Soulless Book Club: Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

For the very first Soulless Book Club review, I felt it was only appropriate to tackle a book that tackles a subject relatively close to what Soulless is all about (death, obviously!) and so "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes" by the lovely Caitlin Doughty. Doughty is a licensed mortician out in Los Angeles, as well as the founder of the Order of the Good Death, which we covered here at Soulless back in April. But Doughty is well known online for her YouTube presence on her "Ask A Mortician" web series - which is exactly where I found out about Doughty, her collective, and a ton of death industry information from somebody inside the industry who isn't afraid to talk about it! So when I found out she h


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