Cursed Earth - Cycles of Grief Volume 1: Growth

Australia's heavy music scene is quickly becoming one of - if not the best - metal scenes in the world. Year after year, our brothers and sisters from down under continue to pump out some of the hardest hitting, in your face hardcore and metal. CURSED EARTH from Perth are no exception to this pattern, and their latest offering - Cycles of Grief Volume 1: Growth - is proof these five are here to fuck shit up, and the EP is one of the most fierce albums to come out in all of 2017. If you sleep on Cursed Earth, you're fucking up. "War March" kicks off the Cycles of Grief EP, slowly building until it finally unleashes its full force annihilation on your ears, with powerful guitars that ring out

The Witching Hour

It's a brisk, fall night and all is quiet and peaceful. The only light that dimly lights up your bedroom is that of the moonlight which feels like it's a billion miles away. There's not a sound, there's no movement, its almost as if the entire world is asleep with you. And then it happens, just then, in the middle of the night: you suddenly awaken to an eerie feeling like you're not alone. The hair on the back of your neck stands straight up and goosebumps break out all down your arms. Before you know it, you begin to experience things nobody would believe if you told them. In the middle of your fear and panic, your eyes peer over to the clock on your night stand and you take note of the tim

Thy Art Is Murder - Dear Desolation

Whenever someone mentions Australia and heavy metal in the same sentence, it's usually to say that the country as a whole has been absolutely crushing the scene the past few years. The country seems to be literally breeding gnarly band after gnarly band, and as a fan of heavy music, I can't get enough. But one name in particular comes to mind whenever the two topics are converged. One name takes dominance over every other as the best of the best, the kings of their scene. They are one of few bands that has quite honestly never disappointed a single time - either live or on record - they are THY ART IS MURDER, and they are back with a fucking SICK new record entitled "Dear Desolation." I'm ju

TTEOTD Brand New Track & Album!

It has been a LONG time coming - 7 years to be exact - but the legendary THROUGH THE EYES OF THE DEAD have officially dropped a brand new track entitled "Hate The Living," and with the song comes the announcement that their new album "Disomus" will be released October 13th via eOne! If you dig that classic TTEOTD sound and brutality, "Hate The Living" will not disappoint - give this song a listen now! You can preorder Disomus on cd and vinyl, as well as grab some other dope merch, at their webstore here!

Deathly Destinations: West Virginia State Penitentiary

Moundsville, West Virginia is home to one of the most notorious prisons in all of the US: the West Virginia State Penitentiary. The prison ran for a good 119 years - from 1876 to 1995 - before retiring as an operational prison and becoming both a tourist attraction and training facility. But in its 119 years of operation, the West Virginia State Penitentiary became notorious for its violence, and even made the Department of Justice's top ten list of most violent prisons in the country. There was even a prison break in 1979, and a riot in 1986 that went on to become one of the most notorious riots in history. Many of the inmates kept at the prison were considered the worst of the worst: murde

Pathology - Self Titled

It's been three years since their last release, but PATHOLOGY are finally back with their ninth studio album since 2006 called "Pathology." It's ten tracks of pure, brutal American death metal, and their new self titled release is not only one of the bands strongest releases, but its also one of this years craziest slamming brutal death metal albums. The album kicks in with violent brutality right off the bat with "Lamentation," and you'll quickly get a feel for how the rest of this album is going to sound from the beginning. The vocals are loud and powerful this time around, and while some may find that as a turn off, honestly once you get used to the fact that that is just how this was pro

Saturday Morning Sickness: The Hunt For Ida Wave

For this edition of Saturday Morning Sickness, we're traveling way, way back in 2005 - an EP came out that honestly shook the online heavy metal community and introduced a lot of metal kids to a new level of heavy. From the United Kingdom came THE HUNT FOR IDA WAVE, a deathcore/metalcore hybrid with beautifully crafted melodic breakdowns and straight vile vocals. The vocals were done by Edward Butcher, who you might recognize from bands such as Eternal Lord and I Killed The Prom Queen. Former Eternal Lord members Chris Gregory, Shaun Zerebecki, and Sam Ricketts all joined in on Ida Wave's fun. The EP "To Have And To Hold, To Choke Until Cold" only had four tracks totaling twenty minutes, but

The Towers Of Silence

At some pint in your life, you most likely have heard the phrase "leave it to the birds" or something to that effect. But have you ever heard that phrase used in reference to the dead?! Zoroastrianism is one of the oldest religions in the world today with between 124,000 and 190,000 practitioners worldwide. The religion exalts a deity if wisdom - Ahura Mazda, or the Wise Lord - and it features beliefs in concepts such as heaven and hell, as well as free will. A Dakhma - otherwise known as a Tower of Silence - is a way for Zoroastrians to dispose of their dead, and it is absolutely fascinating. In Zoroastrianism, the dead are left for the birds. In their tradition, dead bodies are "nasu," or

Spite - Nothing Is Beautiful

There's a lot of people and bands in the metal community today that write about everything from religion and love to aliens and the end of the world. But there seems to be a part of the metal scene in recent years that has lost its focus on good old fashioned anger. Gone are the days when the extreme music scene was filled with angry, pissed off bands who just wanted to play some hard rock and roll, not give a fuck, and share some of their anger with the listener. In a sea of bands who write about everything besides anger, SPITE have risen to the top as one of the most pissed off and straight up angry and relentless bands in the scene today. "Nothing Is Beautiful" is the follow up record to

Clown (Film Review/Spoilers)

If you're reading this and you hate clowns... best you turn back now, because CLOWN - the supernatural horror flick directed by Jon Watts (now known for his Spider-Man: Homecoming work) - takes one hell of a twisted turn for everybody's favorite funny guy. The film was originally released back in 2014 in Italy, but it wasn't until last summer that the movie made its way to the United States for viewing. It was released by Dimension Films - one of my personal favorite production companies - so you know this thing was destined for greatness right out the bat. The movie stars Andy Powers as Kent McCoy, a loving father who planned a really nice birthday party for his son. The plan was for a clow

Creeptopia Art Show: August 4th-27th!

CREEPTOPIA, the solo art show by Creeptoons, opens tomorrow at the Stranger Factory in New Mexico! The art show features the hauntingly amazing Creeps of Creeptopia by artist Matt Duncan. The show runs from August 4th until August 27th, and the gallery is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. For more information, check out @Creeptoons on Instagram, or visit! Creeptoons creator Matt Duncan hooked us up with an awesome interview we posted a few weeks ago, click here to check that out! You can also grab yourself a print of one of his paintings at his webstore here!

Show Review: Summer Slaughter 2017

Summer Slaughter - "the most extreme tour of the year" - has come and gone from the streets of NYC, and in its wake lies the slaughtered bodies of many metalheads from all over. This years lineup was absolutely stacked, and the tour managed to capture bands from all over the expanse that is the metal genre - from death metal to metalcore, and technical metal to deathcore. This year, the tour literally had something for everyone and there was no shortage of bands. Soulless Cult got to Webster Hall super early to ensure we caught all of the extreme metal goodness as soon as doors opened! To kick off the tour package, ANGELMAKER brought the fucking heat with their sick blend of dual-melodic dea


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