Horror Club: IT.

IT is everywhere in the world right now - Pennywise and his red balloon has taken not just the horror community but the world by storm, and the movie has gone on to be a box office legend in its first month, grossing more than $268 million in just the United States and Canada alone. With a budget of just $35 million, IT has done disgustingly well money wise - but that's not all, the fans reception of the movie has been overwhelmingly positive. So we here at Soulless are here to settle the score: is IT worth all the hype it has been getting?! Allow me to sum it up briefly for you: fuck yeah. IT is - without a doubt - one of the best films I have seen in the past decade, and I can't wait to se

The Double Homicide Tour - Show Review

The Double Homicide Tour has finally come to New York City - the home of Soulless Cult. For the past month, the Double Homicide tour has stretched from coast to coast of the United States, and it even saw some dates across the border in Canada before the tour makes its way to the final date of the tour on 9/24. The tour definitely took a hit when its headliner - Decapitated - ran into a bit of legal trouble earlier this month, causing the band to have to cancel their appearances for the remainder of the tour (but we're not getting into that). But the rest of the bands - Ghost Bath, Fallujah, and the almighty Thy Art Is Murder - stepped up their game and delivered on their commitment to this

Horror Club: We Are Still Here

Written and directed by Ted Geoghegan, We Are Still Here premiered to the world back in 2015 at South By Southwest festival and it has been haunting fans of the horror genre since. It is a freaky, unsettling film that has jump scares right where they should be, a house that eats people, and of course, what any good horror movie has: a town that has a terrifying and dark secret. The year is 1979, and the lovely couple Paul (Andrew Sensenig) and his wife Anne (Barbara Crampton) and looking for a fresh start following the death of their son Bobby, who died in a fatal car accident. The pair decide to move to rural New England, where the town is small, everyone seems to know each other, and the s

Purefilth - Unhuman Forms Prevail

In a time when music is getting easier to create and share, there's never been more crazy death metal available at your fingertips than right now. So much so, that sometimes you hear something that sounds so different, so wild, and much more filthy than the rest - and you just gotta say "fuck!" out loud. Such is the case with "Unhuman Forms Prevail" - the brand new, debut album by Ukraine's PUREFILTH. The album is the first album to come from the new Smelly Pieces Records, and it can honestly only be described as filthy sounds - and it is absolute brilliance. Unhuman Forms Prevail is nine tracks of non-stop brutal deathcore. It's got every single thing we love about deathcore - the breakdown

The Mercy Brown Vampire Incident

Back towards the end of the 1800s, the Brown family from Exeter, Rhode Island were experiencing a pattern of deaths due to "consumption," which is an older term for what we now call tuberculosis. Tuberculosis is an infection that generally affects the lungs, and it commonly is the cause of chronic cough with blood, night sweats, fever, and weight loss. Mary Brown, the mother of the household, was the first to contract consumption and it was the eventual cause of her death. In 1883, her death was followed by the eldest daughter of the family, Mary Olive. And as if that was not enough, just a few years later, in 1891, daughter Mercy Brown and son Edwin Brown both contracted the infection. Thin

END - From The Unforgiving Arms of God

END seemingly came out of nowhere - one day, a track is debuted and it just weeks later, the band's brutal debut EP - From The Unforgiving Arms of God - is live and yearning to be heard. END is a completely insane, in your fucking face, relentless hardcore band made up of some dudes who are definitely not strangers to the scene: Brendan Murphy of Counterparts is on vocals, Will Putney of Fit For An Autopsy on guitar, Gregory Thomas of Misery Signals on guitar, Jay Pepito of Reign Supreme on bass, and Andrew McEnaney of Structures on drums. These five men have made their mark in the underground music scene prior to forming END - however, this is a new era of hardcore for these guys, and havin

Soulless Enamel Pins Only $6.66!

Declare yourself Soulless with our inverted cross enamel pins! These soft enamel pins are 1.5" tall and glow in the dark, making them an awesome addition to your battle vest, jacket, and pin board! Each pin has two posts on the back that come with black rubber ends, so your pin will stay secure to whatever you pin it to! You can pick yours up now for only $6.66 at our online shop or etsy store today!

Horror Club: Beyond The Darkness

Beyond The Darkness was released way back in 1979, but to this day, it remains one of the strangest yet oddly satisfying films to date. Originally released in its Italian name, Buio Omega/ The Final Darkness, the film follows a taxidermist named Frank who loses the love of his life, Anna, to death. Frank is under the impression she died in the hospital from an illness, but it was really the evil-doing of his jealous housekeeper Iris (who tries to sexually satisfy Frank throughout the film by putting her hand down his pants and even breast feeding him - yeah, weird). Frank goes to the cemetery and digs up his beloved wife Anna and transports her back to his home where he kinda savagely tears


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