Hollow Prophet - Hellhole

It's only been two months since the announcement of the formation of the powerful HOLLOW PROPHET, but in those two months the band have teased and teased and teased. And finally, the debut EP "Hellhole" from the death metal 'supergroup' has FINALLY arrived, and with it comes wave after wave of some of the finest extreme metal we've gotten all year long. Fronted by Shadow of Intent's Ben Duerr, Hollow Prophet has Jack Simmons of Slaughter To Prevail/Acrania absolutely destroying on guitars and punishing on drums is Luka Vezzosi of Within Destruction legacy. So yeah, put this much crazy talent together and their destiny was already forged: Hollow Prophet is loud, brutal, and fucking devastatin

Bodysnatcher - Death Of Me

"Death Of Me," the brand new album by Florida's BODYSNATCHER has been one of my most anticipated releases of 2017. The bands previous release Abandonment was a gnarly entry into the scene, and when they announced a new album to be released on Stay Sick Recordings, to say I was excited would be a total understatement. Release day has come and gone, but I haven't been able to shut "Death Of Me" off since the moment I got it. It's a damn good record, and its some of the heaviest shit you'll hear in these final weeks of the year. The album is lined with nine punishing tracks that are packed full of raw, unedited emotion and astonishingly heavy breakdowns. The guitar tones used in the very openin

Horror Club: Never Hike Alone

The Friday the 13th franchise of films are among the most notorious sets of movies in modern cinema. Since the release of the very first film, audiences have been obsessed with one of the best mad men of the horror genre: Jason Voorhees. There's been twelve movies, countless novels, comics, action figures and even video games based off the beast that is Jason. The franchise is one of the best - not only in horror but in cinema as a collective - so when a badass studio called Womp Stomp Films decided to put together a Friday the 14th fan film, there was no decision of 'if' I was going to watch it, it was going to be 'when' I see it. NEVER HIKE ALONE is that fan film, and it is the best kept s

Signs of the Swarm - The Disfigurement of Existence

If you aren't familiar with Pennsylvania's SIGNS OF THE SWARM, there's a good chance you've either been living under a rock recently or just haven't been paying enough attention. They are a five piece band that blends all the best elements of slam and death metal and form one epic, overwhelming pounding for your ear drums. They recently released a very anticipated and disgustingly heavy record - "The Disfigurement of Existence" - and I haven't been able to shut it off since the second I got my hands on it. Signs Of The Swarm pushed familiar boundries on this one to create an almighty soundtrack of pure and utter brutality. The album kicks off with "Cesspool of Ignorance," which fans were int

Horror Club: Jigsaw

The SAW franchise has always held a special place in my heart; it was the first movie of its kind that completely and utterly mindfucked the ever living shit out of me. I left the theater after the original Saw film ended and my brain was melting out of my head; I didn't see the epic ending coming. The years that followed saw more and more films from the franchise, and while the story may have gotten a bit messy at times, the traps were always worth the watch. By the end of 2010, seven films were released and the story finally came together and seemingly put the franchise to rest. But seven years later, Saw returns under the fresh name JIGSAW, and with it comes a whole new set of traps, a wh

Methwitch - Piss

The term "heavy" has officially taken on new meaning since the release of "Piss," the brand new record by New Mexico death metal band Methwitch. The band - or should I say Cameron McBride, the one man machine behind Methwitch - packed a whole lot of punch into the newest offering. Combining elements of everything we love from extreme metal - from breakdowns and sick slams to filthy fucking vocals and brutal fucking instrumentals - "Piss" has quickly become one of the most intense and utterly heavy records to debut this year. Methwitch mastermind McBride managed to accomplish something many bands have been striving to achieve, and he did it with flying colors. His vocal style is absolutely ab


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