Horror Club: Silent Night, Deadly Night

Surviving Christmas is hard for pretty much anybody these days. Between buying gifts, cooking dinners, putting up lights and decorations, decorating trees, and dealing with crazy family members... yeah, the holidays can definitely be a hard time not only on your wallet, but on your mental health. But imagine having a madman running around your small, quiet town on Christmas dressed as good ol' Santa Claus, wielding an axe and out for blood! The poor community in 1984's Silent Night, Deadly Night dealt with that, and it made for one KILLER Christmas movie! Directed by Charles E. Sellier, Jr., Silent Night, Deadly Night featured a killer Santa Claus wrecking havoc and punishing people with rel

A Night In Texas - Global Slaughter

If you consider yourself a fan of extreme metal music - deathcore especially - the name 'A Night In Texas' should not be a stranger to you. The band's 2015 release "The God Delusion" put the Australian 5-piece on the map when fans began to hear that the band combined all the things we love about deathcore and death metal into one neat but devastating package. Then last year, the "Unholy Alliance" split between A Night in Texas and Angelmaker shook the goddamn underground, offering just a little taste of what fans of both bands had coming. It's been a while since that split dropped, but A Night In Texas have FINALLY followed up with a brand new, full length album of pure chaos and brutality.

Horror Club: Better Watch Out

With the holidays right around the corner, there's never been a better time to watch holiday horror movies. The Krampus trend has been on the rise the past few years, and they are awesome and all, but this week at Soulless, we decided to take a look at Better Watch Out. The film was written by Zack Kahn and Chris Peckover, and Peckover was also responsible for directing it. It has begun debuting worldwide the past few months; the US and Australia got it back in October, and just days ago, it began hitting the United Kingdom. This is definitely a movie for those who are fans of crazy kid killers; Better Watch Out has one of the best ones yet! It's the holidays, and 17 year old Ashley (played

Andy Sciazko Interview + Giveaway!

We all have nightmares; for some, its creepy crawlers and things that go bump in the night. For others, it could be a fear of heights or haunted places that cause them to really freak out. When we wake up, we leave those nightmares right where they originated from: in the darkest corners of our minds. But that's where San Francisco-based artist Andy Sciazko differs from the rest of us. You see, he brings nightmares to life through his haunting and mesmerizing illustrations of all things creepy. His art invokes that eerie, on-edge feeling... where you feel slightly unsettled but absolutely captivated at the same time. And although his artwork may be inspired by Scary Stories To Tell In The Da

Horror Club: Street Trash

It's no secret that some of the best horror films of all time came out of the 80s. Many of those movies went on to become famous franchises and the villians became iconic. But theres hundreds upon hundreds of hidden gems out there that unfortunately never got the true recognition they deserve. Such is the case for the remarkable 1987 film "Street Trash," written and produced by Roy Frumkes and directed by Jim Muro. It is an underground, cult classic that is well recoganized in the genre, but more people definitely need to see. Greenpoint, Brooklyn - there's plenty of hobos roaming the streets and sharing a makeshift community in the back of a run down, unmaintained junkyard. On the hunt for


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