Jack Kevorkian, "Doctor Death"

"Dying is not a crime," preached by Jack Kevorkian, was not only a defense for the work he dedicated his life to, but a declaration of battle that pro-euthanasia supporters would, to this very day, cry out to those who oppose their views. "Doctor Death," as the media would label him, was a pathologist and one of the most notable voices for promoting rights for terminal patients. Dr. Kevorkian dedicated himself to sharing knowledge with the world that terminal patients have the right to die with dignity - via doctor-assisted suicide - and that there is no shame in helping his patients end their lives peacefully, surrounded by their loved ones as opposed to days, weeks, or even months of agony

Horror Club: The Autopsy of Jane Doe

The Autopsy of Jane Doe is a great blend of paranormal, evil, and just plain WEIRD. It was directed by André Øvredal (well known for Trollhunter) and was released to horror fans across the globe on December 21st, 2016. Actors Emile Hirsch and Brian Cox play a father and son mortuary team who are the lucky individuals who are asked to work the case for "Jane Doe," an unidentified body that was discovered at the scene of a horrific yet bizarre crime scene. After dropping the body off with Austin and Tommy, the sheriff informs them that he needs a cause of death come morning, so the two waste no time trying to figure out what happened to the beautiful Jane Doe (plated by Olwen Kelly) on their t

Crown Magnetar - The Prophet of Disgust

Crown Magnetar from Colorado Springs, Colorado are, without a doubt, the upcoming new kings of Deathcore, and their brand new six-song EP "The Prophet of Disgust" is one of the most devastating forms of sheer brutality we've seen from an up and coming band. The EP is absolutely relentless in its delivery of grimy vocals, fucking nutty guitars and the completely badass blastbeats and breakdowns to go with it. Crown Magnetar have managed to one-up dozens upon dozens of debut EPs we've heard from other bands this past year, and in doing so they have set the bar disgustingly high in just the first week of 2018."The Prophet of Disgust" is a sick fucking display of hard work and dedication to thei

Horror Club: Creep 2

CREEP - the 2014 film by Patrick Brice and Mark Duplass that became an instant favorite of mine - finally got its long awaited sequel in October 2017. Fans of the first film were teased for a long time about a follow up to Creep for quite a while, so when it was finally released to the public, I couldn't wait to finally see it. Creep 2 features our favorite psychopath Josef (portrayed by Mark Duplass), but this time around he goes by the name Aaron. If you aren't already aware of any other work of Duplass, you're in for a real treat if either of the Creep movies are your first time watching something of his - he's a goddamn master of his craft and does an exquisite job at quite literally bec

2017 Metal Albums of the Year

We've have finally arrived in 2018; at just over a week into the new year, we're already hearing about so much exciting new music to expect later this year (including a new For The Fallen Dreams and a new Within Destruction album!). But before we put the final nail in the coffin that is 2017, Soulless is excited to finally release our top five albums and our top five eps for what was an absolutely incredible year for extreme music. Share your thoughts about our list on our social media profiles, we'd love to hear what you put as your top albums for the year! TOP 5 ALBUMS OF 2017 5. Purefilth - Unhuman Forms Prevail (released September 14th) 4. A Night In Texas - Global Slaughter (released De

One Year of Soulless Cult

Soulless Cult is officially one year old today, and I couldn't be more excited for where we have gone with this, what we have accomplished, and what we have planned. The past year has been filled with dozens of deathcore and death metal album reviews, horror movie reviews, reviews of shows we've been to, and of course our obsession with serial killers. We had two incredible interviews and giveaways with artists Creeptoons and Andy Sciazko, two of the best dudes ever. We launched our own shop selling our inverted cross pins that have gone both all over the country and over the world, hitting places far from our headquarters in New York such as Florida, California, Washington, Texas, Wyoming a


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