Filth - The Burden of Isolation

North Carolina's best kept secret might just be FILTH - the five piece downtempo deathcore band whose previous two EPs have helped build a wicked following and love for their own brand of heavy. All of their hard work over the past few years between writing and touring has finally led up to this: the band's brand new nine-track full length record The Burden of Isolation; and it's all we could have hoped for from these guys, and more. The Burden of Isolation packs one hell of a punch as Filth refuse to let up on their fine-tuned art of brutal fucking music. Fans of the band have been patiently awaiting this release and as far as I'm concerned, these guys put out something special that's going

Horror Club: To Hell And Back + Giveaway!

When you think Jason Voorhees, you think Kane Hodder. And while his portrayal of Voorhees may be Hodder's legacy, the notorious stuntman, actor, and stunt coordinator has worked on dozens of other films and has rightfully claimed the title of the man who's done the most on-screen killing. His life's work has been dedicated to giving horror and just fans of movies the best show he possibly can; whether it is through his insane stunt work, his work behind the scenes to ensure stunts are performed safely but look badass, or through his amazing on-screen acting skills. The story of his life has been well documented in his 2011 autobiography Unmasked, but Hodder hooked up fans with taking it a st

Chelsea Grin - Eternal Nightmare

It's been a rough road the past few years for good ol' Chelsea Grin; from numerous line-up changes to dropping off a tour earlier this year to alcoholism, the CG dudes have been through a lot and for the most part, have always managed to come out on top. But when the only original member of the band - vocalist Alex Koehler, who has been with the band since 2007 - made the announcement in April that he was departing Chelsea Grin, the metal community was certainly shook. Like him or not, Koehler has no doubt become a major face in the deathcore community with the growing popularity of the band, and having him come out and share his addiction with us and announce his departure definitely hit pr

Horror Club: Tourist Trap

Every major city throughout the world has them: tourist traps. The attractions that are designed to draw attention and pull a crowd to make money. The crazy thing about tourist traps is that they don't solely exist in major cities, they can exist in the strangest of places and places you'd never expect. In the classic horror flick Tourist Trap, deep in the heart of the desert lies an oasis complete with a dreamy waterfall that pours into a perfect little stream that is ideal for swimming. This oasis, however, belongs to a Mr. Slausen (Chuck Connors), who also happens to own a small museum complete with animatronic mannequins and wax figures - the real tourist trap of the film. As a group of

The Hopewell Furnace - 1877

There's no doubt that the internet is filled with tons upon tons of metal; social media is literally packed with links to Youtube videos, Bandcamp sites and Soundcloud profiles. It's a lot to sift through sometimes, and you're always hoping that if you click on a dozen or so links in a day that you'll find something that stands out among the rest and really blows you away. And that is exactly what happened when I stumbled upon THE HOPEWELL FURNACE, and getting my hands on their new ep "1877" instantly became a mission of mine. The album released on June 30th, and is one fine-tuned example of pure, brutal death fucking metal. The Hopewell Furnace are a four piece outfit from the coal mine reg

Killer Profile: Westley Allan Dodd

Westley Allan Dodd was a truly twisted dude, and the crimes he would go on to commit would be some of the most repulsive and vile things you could possibly do. He was thirty one years old when he was put to death, but Dodd's crime spree started way before that - at the shocking young age of just thirteen. He would later go on to take the lives of three children over the course of just months, and for his crimes he was executed by hanging; a sentencing some would suggest was way too easy of an escape from his crimes. But before we get too ahead of ourselves... this is the story of Westley Allan Dodd. Dodd was born on July 3, 1961 in Washington to parents Jim and Carol, and he was the oldest o

Hate Diplomacy - Rant

The very long-awaited and much-anticipated debut full length by New York City's HATE DIPLOMACY finally dropped this past week - "Rant" is an unstoppable force of this intense blend of hardcore and brutal death metal. Fronted by Don Campan of the legendary Waking The Cadaver, Hate Diplomacy have already established a name for themselves in the scene even before releasing their new album, and the world was not prepared for the devastating ten-track album we were finally blessed with. It's heavy, ferocious, and most definitely in-your-face relentless, and it definitely just put the band on the map for some disgustingly heavy shit; but I'd expect nothing less from a band made up with members of


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