Death Dreamer Vol. 1 + Giveaway!

If you've been following Carnifex vocalist Scott Ian Lewis on social media over the last two years, you'd know that he's been hard at working crafting his latest project outside of the band: DEATH DREAMER VOL. 1, the 54 page graphic novel filled with blood, murder, and lies. Lewis' past work as a funeral director - watching and helping strangers cope with loss - has clearly shaped a part of who he is today, and those feelings he experienced were brought not only to the band but now to Death Dreamer, the first in which will hopefully be a long-lasting series of adult true crime graphic novels! After successfully crowd-funding the project, the novel - written by Scott Ian Lewis and illustrated

Horror Club: Blood Feast (2016)

The 1963 classic Blood Feast has become notorious in the horror community, not only for its gore but for the fact that it is considered the first splatter film because of its gore and violence. My first time watching it, the film felt cheesy as hell and pretty silly, but remembering it was released over fifty years ago definitely made me realize just how crazy it must've been when it was first released. I thought it was a great movie, even among all the cheese and dreadful music; so when I saw a remake was out, I had to jump on it immediately. The 2016 remake of the film - directed by Marcel Walz - features Robert Rusler as Faud Ramses, Caroline Williams as his wife Louise, and their beautif

Hollow Prophet/Scumfuck - Scumprophet

SCUMPROPHET is the epic, god-tier split ep that dropped earlier this month from two side projects that nobody knew we needed until now. Hollow Prophet (comprised of vocalist Ben Duerr of Shadow of Intent, guitarist/bassist Jack Simmons of Acrania & Slaughter To Prevail and drummer Luka Vezzosi of Within Destruction) teamed up with the massive force that is Scumfuck (which sees Dickie Allen of Infant Annihilator on vocals and Andrew Zink of Brojob and Into Infernus on the instrumentals) to deliver one massive, relentless gift to the deathcore and death metal worlds. Scumprophet is a cleverly titled five song EP brought about by two of the scene's all around sickest and damning side projects.

Horror Club: Slender Man (spoilers)

He gets inside your head like a virus. Can you see him? The stories surrounding Slender Man have been around for nearly a decade, yet he is more alive and thriving now than ever before. What started out as a creepypasta meme has turned into a worldwide phenomenon with the dreaded character appearing in various stories, video games, short films and he was even blamed in a near fatal stabbing case back in 2014. So to say that Slender Man hasn't taken a life of its own is denying the fact that he continues to live on through various forms of media, and this past weekend director Sylvain White and writer David Birke brought new life to Slender Man as he invaded box offices and brought his empty

Mire Lore - Marrow Leech

If you're a fan of modern day deathcore, then you no doubt know the name Dan Watson; and if you don't then you definitely at least know of some of the projects he's worked with including vocals for Infant Annihilator and Enterprise Earth. If you haven't been paying attention for the last year or so, then you may or may not know that Watson has teamed up with Frank Cilella (former guitarist of Bodysnatcher) to bring you some of the genre's most hard-hitting, prime examples of how to make some insane goddamn music. Mire Lore is the child of these two young dudes, and their debut record "Marrow Leech" has - over the past six months especially - become one of the most anticipated and sought afte

Horror Club: The Neighbor

We all have our secrets; and in 2016's The Neighbor those secrets are brought to light when country boy John (played by Josh Stewart) uncovers the secret life his neighbor Troy (played by Bill Engvall - yes, the comedian) has been hiding just a stone's throw away from his front door. After coming home and finding an empty house where his wife should be, John ventures over to his neighbors house to see if maybe she's there. And once he gets inside, secrets are unearthed that shouldn't have been unearthed and it becomes a fight for their lives as John and his wife Rosie (played by Alex Essoe) try to escape the grasp of the madman and get away alive. Going into this movie I read a lot of people


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