Horror Club: WolfCop

Without exaggerating in the slightest, all I've ever heard for the past few years was "you have to see WolfCop!" and "you're gonna love WolfCop!" from numerous horror lovers. Any there's no real reason it took me this long to watch it besides I just never got the chance to sit down and watch it... but let me tell you, if you're reading this and you haven't yet seen WolfCop, maybe stop reading this and considering watching it now. Like, right now. Seriously - make time in your day your day, today, to watch WolfCop. If you love movies that don't take themselves too seriously filled with awesome comedy yet still maintaining that sick level of gore, kills and thrills that us horror lovers tend t

Chamber of Malice - Da Trve Slam

Germany's notorious four piece Chamber of Malice have reunited to deliver another offering from their camp of filthy, sludgy blend of deathcore, hardcore, and good ol' slam. "Da Trve Slam" came to us early last month, and its seven songs of pure crime city grime that fans of gnarly heavy beatdown will surely appreciate. The album gets recklessly heavy at points - which is a constant reminder that during their brief hiatus, Chamber of Malice didn't lose their appreciation or talent of downright vile slam, and we love them for it. While the title of the album may throw listeners off and lead them to believe this is a joke band or not the real deal, I can assure you - "Da Trve Slam" goes harder

Horror Club: The Nun (spoilers)

It feels like few Hollywood horror movies have gained as much hype and excitement as the brand new film The Nun has in the past few months. Based on the fact that it shares the same universe as notorious films The Conjuring and Annabelle - as well as the fact that the trailers didn't really spoil any of the treats the film has in store - The Nun was destined from the beginning to be a box-office hit its opening weekend. With a budget of $22 million, the film managed to rake in an estimated $131 million, making it the best opening weekend for any film in the Conjuring series yet. But is The Nun worth your time and money in theaters? Simply put, if you're a Conjuring fan, hell fucking yeah, yo


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