A Soulless Halloween, Part 2

Do you feel that, too? The slightly cool, autumn breeze that quietly and gently passes over your body; a most gentle reminder that it is the end of October and Halloween has finally arrived. If you are anything like me - and I believe you are, if you're reading this - this time of the year is more than just a holiday, this is something that dwells deep within you. It's there through the coldest of winter months and the warmest of summers. It's there when you're working to pay the bills and when you're at home with family. It's an endless, helpless love affair with everything strange and unusual, bizarre and macabre. Halloween, for us, isn't just a time for dress up and overdosing on sugar; i

Horror Club: Terrified

Argentinian horror has been brought up a lot recently, since the public release of TERRIFIED on Shudder's streaming service, and for good reason: it's pretty fucking terrifying. From the box art alone, you can tell you're going to be in for quite the wild ride as Terrified mashes together elements of paranormal films, sci-fi flicks and straight up horror into a literal roller coaster of "what the hell's" as the hour and a half movie plays. Written and directed by Demián Rugna, the film - which typically goes by 'Aterrados' - starts off rather slowly, but once it picks up, boy does it pick up and it gets relentlessly crazier and crazier; an element that takes a horror movie from being "good"

Show Review: Rareform Across The Continent

Last night, Soulless Cult had the pleasure of heading to NYC's legendary Gramercy Theatre to catch one of our most anticipated tours of the fall: the Rareform Across The Continent Tour featuring After The Burial, The Acacia Strain, Erra and Make Them Suffer! This is already a massive tour package with some of the genres hardest working and longest running bands, but this tour is also a little extra special in the sense that it is celebrating the 10 year anniversary of not one but two albums put out by bands on the tour: The Acacia Strain released Continent on August 19th, 2008 and After The Burial released Rareform way back on July 22, 2008. To celebrate both bands now having decade-old reco

Shrine of Malice - Malignance

If you've been following the deathcore scene over the last year or so, surely at one point or another you've crossed paths with SHRINE OF MALICE, most likely in the form of their debut track "Beelzebub" that caught the attention of extreme metal fans across the world. Its slowly, calm building intro leads into vocals that sound like they come straight from Beelzebub himself, which further leads into wailing, violent guitars and mind-numbing drums that will pile drive your eardrums into the fucking ground! The first ominous, distant breakdown you get greeted with is simply foreshadowing for the filth the band delivers later on in the form of a very vile breakdown that anybody who fucks with t

Horror Club: Hell Fest

It's officially October - the one month out of the year where our obsession with death, skulls, blood and gore don't seem so out of the ordinary. In theaters October 2018, movie goers can go see some of the most iconic films of the year like The Nun or the to-be-released Halloween film, but excitement has also been growing around an additional movie that just hit theaters this weekend: HELL FEST. Directed by Gregory Plotkin (who directed Paranormal Activity: Ghost Dimension and edited Get Out and Happy Death Day), Hell Fest follows the story of six young adults who snag tickets to a every Halloween-lovers dream festival called Hell Fest; it's a traveling horror theme park that features every


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