Acrania - Tyrannical Hierarchy, Vol. 1

Acrania have become a household name in the death metal community for the last few years, and for good reason: their album "Totalitarian Dystopia" is a blend of sheer brilliance and brutality. It's epicness has brought the band to the attention of thousands upon thousands of fans worldwide, who all share in the love of the bands filthy breakdowns, wild guitars and the insanity that is Luke Griffin's vocals. So when word got out that Acrania had a new EP to deliver, it came as no surprise that everyone lost their goddamn minds. The kings of bree are back, and we can only hope that "Tyrannical Hierarchy, Vol. 1" is the beginning of a whole new chapter for the band, because they are masters of

Horror Club: Astral

The popularity of the Insidious franchise over the past few years has also grown the popularity of "astral travel" or "astral projection" - terms referring to the out-of-body experience that is willingly induced in an attempt to travel other planes or even universes. A quick internet search will produce hundreds upon hundreds of websites, videos, and even tutorials on how to induce an out of body experience; so it shouldn't come as any surprise that a horror flick based on the very concept of astral projection eventually made its way to the masses. "Astral" is a brand new film written by Chris and Michael Mul and directed by Chris Mul that tells the story of a young college student named Ale

Curbstomp the Predator - The Father

Curbstomp the Predator has been making waves in the internet metal community over the last year or so with the release of singles that were to be released as part of a full length album. Fans who have been losing their minds over the sickness that is Curbstomp were finally treated to the full length we've been teased about - entitled "The Father" - and without hesitation, I can already tell you that not only was it worth the wait to finally hear this, but it is well worth your time, money, and ear. "The Father" is an absolutely crushing eleven track compilation of some of filthy slamming deathcore, and what makes it even better is the fact that it was all comprised by one man: Joshua Croslin

Show Review: Evisceratour 2018

Living so close to NYC, there's so many amazing tours and shows that pass through our neighborhood on a weekly basis; between Long Island, Brooklyn and Manhattan, bands have plenty of venues to choose from when passing through the Empire State so they often don't skip our scene. So when I caught wind that Manchester's INGESTED were coming through our home and they were bringing some of my favorite bands with 'em, I knew it was a show I just could not allow myself to miss. So this past Saturday, Soulless Cult headed to The Kingsland in Brooklyn to show some love to the UK slam kings along with the crazy sick lineup that includes Enterprise Earth, Bodysnatcher, and I AM. It was definitely a ni

Horror Club: Halloween (2018)

The new Halloween has been out for a few weeks now, but we waited to do something special this year for Halloween, and that was to see the movie on Halloween after spending the day roaming our favorite cemetery. This movie was the top of my most anticipated films of this year, for numerous reasons: it takes place 40 years since the original film, it wipes clean the entire Halloween story line besides the original 1978 film (making it the only official sequel?!), the mask looks totally badass, Danny McBride helped with the writing, easter eggs, and of course, John Carpenter stands behind the film, and anything he stands behind you know is going to be quality. This film was a huge announcement


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