The Best of 2018

It honestly feels like just yesterday I was sitting down, putting together my list of what ruled 2017. Yet here we are, in the final hours of 2018 putting the final touches on what rocked the fuck out of 2018. There has been so much good music this year, and we've seen so many good horror flicks (not too many newly released ones, but whatever) this year that it feels like my all my free time I had this year was well spent listening, watching, reviewing and engaging you guys about what was worth the wait and what didn't make the cut. This years list was definitely way harder to put together this year than last, simply because narrowing my massive lists of favorites down to just five top conte

Horror Club: All The Creatures Were Stirring

With Christmas just days away at this point, there's no better time than the next few days to enjoy some good ol' Christmas themed horror flicks, and there's certainly no shortage of them. From Krampus to evil Santa's to killer snowmen, there's always been a fascination in the horror genre with blending "the best time of the year" with scary, gory, horrific movies. But what I hadn't realized has been missing in my life all this time was Christmas anthology films. Well, that changed with the release of All The Creatures Were Stirring, a film set of five short stories that recently hit video on demand services. It is the product of Rebekah McKendry and David Ian McKendry - two individuals who

Sold Soul - Into The Mouth of Hell

North Carolina's SOLD SOUL released their debut album last week, and it shares a pretty wicked journey of hell and hopelessness through absolutely devastating melodic deathcore. "Into The Mouth of Hell" packs one mean punch with seven tracks of pure brutality along with an alternative version of a song featuring a very special guest feature. The album, honestly, is packed with five absolute incredible guest spots (especially if you're a fan of deathcore); but don't let that distract you, even without the guest spots, Sold Soul bring the fucking ruckus and this album will undoubtedly put their name on the map for fans of death metal. While using "melodic" in their genre may turn some away, do

Horror Club: Mandy

If you are looking for a modern movie that is going to lead you down a road full of drugs, cults, demonic biker gangs and death (and lots of it!) then look no further: MANDY, released back in September, is an epic journey of chaos and blood shed starring Nicholas Cage and Andrea Riseborough. Written by Panos Cosmatos and Aaron Stewart-Ahn and directed by Cosmatos, "Mandy" is a massive two hour long psychedelic action horror movie that tells the story of Red (played by Cage) and his beautiful girlfriend Mandy (played by Riseborough), and in a really brilliant way, "Mandy" plays in two parts: the first hour essentially shares the back story of Red and his girlfriend, as well as the insane even

Black Tongue - Nadir

It is without hesitation that I write the following statement: there simply is no band out there quite like UK's Black Tongue. We were taught that way back in 2014 when "Born Hanged - Falsifier" was released, we were reminded of that in 2015 with the release of "The Unconquerable Dark" and on Halloween this year, that statement resonates true yet again with the release of "Nadir" - quite possibly Black Tongue's heaviest, gloomiest sounding record to date. Describing themselves as "doomcore," there's probably no better way to describe their sound than the epic, damning mix of doom metal and deathcore - an absolutely deadly combination that will leave you physically shaking from the albums beg

Horror Club: The Cabin

New to video on demand services this week is "The Cabin" - an indie horror flick written by Erik Kammerland and directed by Johan Bodell that tells the story of a falling apart relationship and a vacation to a cabin in the middle of nowhere in an attempt save it. Harry (played by Christopher Lee Page) and Rose (Caitlin Crommett) seem fully aware in that their relationship is a mess, so Harry decides to take his obnoxious, whiny girlfriend to a cabin that his family owns, hoping that this last ditch effort to spend time together will reconcile the love between the two of them. But as they approach the property, they receive an unwelcome greeting from Sven - an off putting, untrusting Swedish

Kraanium - Slamchosis

It's been a few years since the last full length release from the notorious brutal death metal outfit KRAANIUM - but make no mistake: these guys have been far from quiet. From releasing a fucking damning split with the guys in (one of my personal favorites) Analepsy cleverly entitled "The Kraanialepsy Split" last year to numerous tours and festivals all over the place, Kraanium have been keeping themselves busy in a number of ways, and thankfully one of those ways was in the form of writing and recording their new album "Slamchosis." Released back in October, it's ten tracks of some of the finest Kraanium material to date, and some of the most epic and brutal death metal ever. The sick part

Horror Club: The Possession of Hannah Grace (spoilers)

New to theaters this past weekend is The Possession of Hannah Grace; written by Brian Sieve and directed by Diederik Van Rooijen, it follows the story of a young woman named Megan Reed and her first few shifts at her new 11pm to 7am hospital morgue gig. Megan - played by Shay Mitchell - is an ex-cop in Boston who had an incident at her police job, and this overnight morgue job was suggested to her by her Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor Lisa, who is a nurse at the hospital. The morgue is quiet, dark, and definitely creepy with its motion sensor lights that flicker on and off, the obnoxious horn that sounds when a fresh, incoming cadaver is at the ambulance bay ready to be brought in, and the sil


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