Horror Club: Book of Monsters

From Dark Rift Films and Dread Central comes a delightfully gory and action-packed horror film filled with everything we love about horror: terrifying monsters, attractive women, an evil book, pentagrams, a mysterious backstory and - oh yeah, lots and lots of blood. BOOK OF MONSTERS recently hit video streaming services after its successful kickstarter helped get the ball rolling, and it is one hell of a non-stop monster-bashing fest as our heroines (and Gary) battle for their lives against some of the most ghastly and hideous creatures come after them. Written by Paul Butler and directed by Stewart Sparke, Book of Monsters is a little bit comedy, a little bit action and a whole load of horr

Horror Club: Hell of a Night

Ouija boards ain't nothin' to fuck with. If only someone told that to the two young girls in the newly streaming film Hell of a Night; maybe things would have gone done differently. Both written and directed by Brian Childs, Hell of a Night starts off by telling us the story of Gabbie and Heidi - two young girls who are secretly playing with a Ouija board in their closet when they accidentally awaken evil spirit forces that have dwelled deep within the house for who knows how long. Fast forward two or three years: after the death of their father, college aged beauty Blake (played by Rachael Hevrin) and her sister Shaine (played by Grace Powell) unknowingly move into a house with a dirty past

Horror Club: 30 Miles from Nowhere

Reunions with old college friends should be filled with laughs, memories, and plenty of alcohol. But when the reason behind the reunion is to bury a friend because of suicide, things can get uncomfortable quick. The recently released 30 Miles from Nowhere - written by Seana Kofoed and directed by Caitlin Koller - sees five college friends reunite for just that reason, but the gathering isn't exactly what the friends had in mind. It isn't long before things in the isolated cabin in the woods begins to become creepy and freak some of the group out. As the night progresses, it becomes a kill or be killed situation - and a mission to make it to sunrise. Who will survive, and who will perish to t

Phrymerial - Xenomorphic Creation

There's a very beautiful plane in the extreme music world where sheer brutality meets sophisticated yet face-melting technicality; it's a plane that many young bands these days are trying to align their music with, yet few truly accomplish conjuring up something that shares a balance. PHRYMERIAL - based out of Spain - recently released their new album "Xenomorphic Creation" which shares that perfect balance of wicked extreme death metal and insanely gorgeous technical riffs. The eight track album, released through Miasma Records and Vomit Your Shirt, is the follow-up record to 2016's "The Human Cleansing" and upon your first pass through "Xenomorphic Creation," you'll quickly hear the improv

Horror Club: The Amityville Murders

The Amityville murder case has always held a special place in my heart considering the fact that from my front door to the front door of 112 Ocean Avenue in Amityville, New York is literally a fifteen minute drive. Growing up and living so close to the most famous haunted house in the entire world is an honor, but it has certainly made me grow up appreciating the story just that much more. It is because of this that I always try and check out any new horror that involves the Amityville case (there's now 20+), so of coarse The Amityville Murders was a must-see for a true crime fan like myself. The Amityville Murders was released back in October 2018, and it advertises its self as telling the

Traitors - Repent (+ Album Release Show)

Ever since 2015, Florida's TRAITORS have continued to pump out sick record after sick record, and their hard work in regards to touring has earned them their rightful place among the most popular bands in the community right now. Traitors always brings with them plenty of real, raw emotion and the angriest of music to go along with it. The band recently released their brand new record - Repent - and you can pretty much instantly feel the strong vibes that Traitors have returned to their sound from their first album - The Hate Campaign - and it almost feels like a continuation of where THC left off. Repent is a notoriously heavy, no bullshit, in-your-face record and Traitors have clearly put


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