Horror Club: Made Me Do It

Madness comes in many forms; not every psychopath killer is a big, buff masked man or able to jump in and out of your nightmares with a knife covered glove. Sometimes the craziest ones are the ones who look just like you & me. Such is the story of Thomas - a mentally unstable young adult who escapes from a mental institution and wrecks havoc on the small community in a new-to-streaming film entitled MADE ME DO IT. Writer and director Benjamin Ironside Koppin - along with writer Matthew John Koppin - tell a deranged story of a young man who is driven to insanity, as well as some of the people who are affected by his madness. It's a disturbing, dark descent into madness and a unique, totally a

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Horror Club: Hagazussa

There's no denying the fact that much of modern horror relies on jump scares, creepy things that go bump in the night or remakes of classic films just with updated CGI. So when The Witch debuted in theaters in 2016 - a slow burning, atmospheric film that doesn't depend on these elements - there were so many mixed reactions from movie-goers; however, it seemed the ones who spoke the loudest were the ones who complained it "wasn't scary" enough because nothing jumped out at you. Meanwhile, it was the subtle, dramatic and isolated storytelling that really brought the film to appreciation among horror fans. The only reason I bring this up is because this will undoubtedly be the case for HAGAZUSS

Horror Club: The Curse of La Llorona

New to theaters this weekend is the much anticipated The Curse of La Llorona - a film that's gained a lot of interest due to its inclusion to the Conjuring Universe. While it may not be a Conjuring film per se, it most definitely feels like it came straight out of the series, and it tells a pretty wicked, disturbing story that is shockingly dark considering the movie was released in theaters on the Christian holiday of Good Friday, which makes it all the more awesome. With its roots based on real life Mexican folklore, The Curse of La Llorona is undoubtedly going to appeal to fans of the jump scare tactic, but don't let that deter you from spending an hour and a half with this film: the stor

Horror Club: Soul To Keep

Take a bunch of partying young adults, put them in a cabin in the middle of no where with drugs and alcohol, and throw a demonic book in the basement that they read from and you have the basic recipe for some of the greatest horror films ever. While it's a plot that's been done time and time again, there's a handful of movies that take that Evil Dead influence, add in their own extra elements and plot twists and they manage to really make their story stand out in a sea of horror films. One of those films that stands out among the rest is SOUL TO KEEP - a new to streaming film written by David Allensworth and Eric Bram, and directed by Allensworth and Moniere - that starts off much like those

A Wake In Providence - The Blvck Sun || The Blood Moon

A Wake In Providence are far from new to the metal community; since their inception way back in 2010, the band have been releasing new material each year, always seemingly one-upping their last release. It was all of this hard work through the years that has caused all of the hype surrounding their brand new, first full length record entitled "The Blvck Sun || The Blood Moon." The East Coast-based technical deathcore band have finally been given the chance to put it all out on the table and show off what the fuck they're made of in the form of eleven killer, brutal ass tracks. How does all of these years worth of hard work pay off for these guys? The Blvck Sun || The Blood Moon is jam packed

Horror Club: Pet Graveyard

Riding off the coat tails of the recently released and widely successful Pet Sematary released this past weekend comes PET GRAVEYARD; and while it may have a name that bears a striking resemblance to the classic Stephen King-based film, Pet Graveyard's only resemblance is in its name. Oh, and the fact that there's a cat (although Graveyard has a Sphinx cat). The story, location, and pretty much everything else is completely its own and not a knock of the big budget film like I've noticed other viewers have commented online (of whom I'm assuming didn't even bother seeing the film). Truth of the matter is Pet Graveyard is an absolutely brilliant film on its own, and definitely deserves credit

Horror Club: Pet Sematary (2019)

Anyone who knows me personally has probably heard me talk about the impact that the original Pet Sematary film had on me way back when I was probably eight or nine years old when I saw it for the first time. Everything about the movie scared the living hell out of me, and it's one of a handful of films that left such a crazy mark on my childhood that I continue to tell people about how much it fucked me up as a kid. As my horror movie viewership continued to grow into my teenage years, Pet Sematary always held an incredibly special place in my heart (alongside A Nightmare on Elm Street) that never diminished over the years. So when news of a reboot of the classic Stephen King novel began to

Horror Club: Between The Trees

From Barbed Wire Films comes BETWEEN THE TREES, the new suspenseful horror flick that recently hit streaming services. Written by Sam Klarreich and directed by Brad Douglas, the film blends elements of horror, thriller, slasher and comedy to conjure up a sometimes cheesy, sometimes serious, and sometimes brutal story of four men on a retreat in the woods. By the trailer, the film looked to be pretty promising and entertaining at least - and while Between The Trees is nothing groundbreaking, it's far from the bad movie some reviews online make it out to be. The film starts off really strong and as it progresses, it becomes a little strange and bizzare but even after the weird ending, the film

Hurakan - Abomination of Aurokos

If you haven't been keeping tabs on the slamming deathcore band HURAKAN, consider this your first and final warning: they are bringing the fucking ruckus with their own unique and downright filthy brand of slamming brutal shit! The France-based band recently released their second full length entitled "Abomination of Aurokos" on Miasma Records and Vomit Your Shirt, and it is nine tracks of some of the most maddening, violent, and brutal music possibly ever released. It's got a little bit of everything you'd want from a band like them, and it's jam packed with some of the best guest features you could ask for. "Abomination of Aurokos" is anything but an abomination, and I can't seem to be able


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