Horror Club: Tooth Fairy

There's something pretty awesome about the horror genre of movies where creators can take something from our childhood and make it absolutely horrifying. That's what's great about horror: a seemingly innocent story can quickly become a thing of nightmares as our childhood thing become horrifying realities. The latest entry into this genre of horror comes in the form of a new film called "Tooth Fairy" which - if you couldn't guess by the title - brings the dark tale of the Tooth Fairy to life. Originally titled "Toof," the film follows the story of a family that is being haunted, stalked, and killed by the evil, sugar-fearing woman known as the Tooth Fairy. She's come to collect - but unfortu

Mental Cruelty - Inferis

If you want to talk about bands that have been blowing the fuck up lately, you better be talking about MENTAL CRUELTY all the way from Karlsruhe, Germany. Since 2016, these guys have been crafting some of the heaviest, hardest, and downright brutal deathcore that we've ever heard; much of their music is way heavier than a lot of the bigger bands in the scene right now, so it is quite obvious why they've gotten so much attention over the last few years. So when they announced that their new album "Inferis" was to be released earlier this month as their second full length album, there's no wonder that it erupted comments all over the internet about how intense this record was going to be, and

Horror Club: The Convent

There's been an eerie rise in the number of nun related horror films lately, with the popularity of films like The Nun and St. Agatha captivating viewers of who find appreciation in the dark side of the religious. The latest contender to hit streaming services recently is THE CONVENT, a twisted tale directed by Paul Hyett that will make you cringe, laugh, and will undoubtedly shock you with the amount of gore as it sneaks up on you like a thief in the night. The Convent most certainly is not the easy-going horror that the trailer makes it out to be, and it's hard to even figure out where this film sits: one moment it feels quite serious, the next its a jump scare demon flick, then before you

Embrace Your Punishment - Nameless King

Straight out of France comes "Nameless King," the brand new album from EMBRACE YOUR PUNISHMENT that features thirteen tracks of brutal fucking death. Out now via Miasma Records and Vomit Your Shirt, "Nameless King" packs a mean punch of pure brutality goodness, making them a perfect fit on both labels rosters. The album is loaded with all different elements of the metal and hardcore genres, so I can guarantee you two things: first, you'll find something about this record that's going to catch and hold your attention. And secondly, "Nameless King" will leave you anything but bored; from beginning to end, it's loaded with blast beats, groovy bits, and more mosh-worthy parts that your body will


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