Disentomb - The Decaying Light

It's been five long years since "Misery" by Australia's DISENTOMB was released - which totally justifies the amount of hype and excitement that has been surrounding their brand new release "The Decyaing Light" that was cast upon us earlier this month. The anticipation has been quickly building and slowly killing fans from all walks of death metal life, and the albums release was most definitely one of my own personal most anticipated of the year so far. Disentomb have always had this unique, destructive, and crushing sound that has clearly influenced many but has never been replicated, which is part of the reason so many fans who love some good brutal death metal have fallen in love with the

Distant - Tyrannotophia

Unique Leader Records has become a powerhouse of brutal, extreme music - constantly churning out some of the sickest releases and signing the bands with the biggest potential. One of their latest projects they've released is "Tyrannotophia" - the brand new, debut record from Distant - a crushing slamming deathcore/downtempo band from the Netherlands. The anticipation for this record has been building as I anxiously awaited this release, knowing it was going to possess some of the wickedest filth we would be able to get our hands on, and I'm so happy to say "Tyrannotophia" lives up to the hype, and more! The band has been around for a fuckin' minute, but this is their debut full length and it

Horror Club: Midsommar

Every once in a while, a movie comes out that is so bizarre, so deeply disturbing but so brilliantly haunting that it leaves its viewers sitting in their seats, physically blown away by what they just watched. Writer and director Ari Aster did it to us last year with Hereditary (which made #1 for our top horror of 2018 list) and he's done it yet again with the new, instant cult-classic MIDSOMMAR that was just released in theaters this past weekend. It's a folk horror along the likes of The VVitch and Hagazussa, but with a darker twist and not so subtle disturbances. It's a massive film - clocking in at just under two and a half hours - but without hesitation, I write this now saying that it


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