Candy Corn

There's tons of movies out there where a bullied kid rises up and seeks out revenge on his bullies - a humble, heart-warming story of coming of age and inner strength. But what happens when the bullies accidently kill the freak they're picking on - what happens then?! Enter CANDY CORN - the much anticipated new crowdsourced horror flick written and directed by Josh Hasty and based on a short story by Butch Von Dreaux (@butchovision) - which tells a story much like that. Candy Corn shows the rise of the freak and the revenge of wrongdoing, and it's a bloody hour and a half that will pull you in pretty much from the get-go and hold you tight until the credits roll. I had a feeling the film was


Halloween has a ton of things that make it fun: costumes, pumpkin carving,candy, and horror movies... but it's the haunted houses that pop up each year that really make October the best time of the year for me. We are always told "it's all fake" and that you're safe inside - but what if you're not?! HAUNT tells the story of a group of college kids who make their way into an "extreme" haunted house on Halloween night, which is supposed to play on the groups worst fears. After surrendering their cellphones and signing a waiver to get inside, things go from docile to deadly quickly as the house brings the meaning of true horror to life. Only the walls know the truth of what chaos and insanity l

RIP Sid Haig

The world lost a horror legend on Saturday with the passing of Sid Haig, who many know as the actor behind Captain Spaulding. Haig shook audiences with his portrayal of the maniac, but off screen he was known for being a kind-hearted, down to Earth dude. Unfortunately, the opportunity we had to meet him at Monstermania he had to cancel his appearance, but he'll live on forever in the horror community. RIP brother.

3 From Hell

It's been sixteen years since the release of Rob Zombie's House of 1000 Corpses and fourteen since the follow up The Devils Rejects, and finally we got a sequel to the instantly-classic films that caught the attention of horror fans from around the world. 3 From Hell is the long awaited sequel to The Devils Rejects, and this week only, there is a special 3 day event to celebrate the release of the new movie - featuring double features, posters, and extra commentary for the die-hard movie goers. Soulless Cult - of course - had to jump at the opportunity to check out 3 From Hell in theaters alongside fellow Zombie fans, so we snagged our tickets early for last nights showing and were eager to

Soulless Crypt IG

Soulless Cult is excited to announce the launching of our new, horrifying new Instagram account @SoullessCrypt - where we will be sharing some of our most shocking, terrifying and haunting skulls, spiders, and more from the personal collection of the Soulless Cult Crypt! We have a wicked collection of tarantulas of all species and sizes, as well as ethically sourced animal skulls from around the world. Head on over to our new side-IG @SoullessCrypt and follow us for all the spooky crypt updates, just in time for Halloween!


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