A Soulless Halloween, Part 3

The one day of the year we all look forward to - Halloween - is finally on our doorstep, and as the daylight fades and the darkness drapes over the city, I'm reminded of just how truly amazing this time of the year really is. From the spooks and frights, to the costumes and candy - the spirit of Halloween is alive & well this year, as it is in our household each day of the year. This year, we're spending Halloween a little farther from home than Sleepy Hollow: we're at the magical Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida soaking up some sun, some scares, and some memories with our amazing friends who support us and keep us driven. Tonight, we will descend into the Magic Kingdom for Mickey's Not

Girl on the Third Floor

It feels like we haven't really gotten this years definitive haunted house movie - but just in time for Halloween comes GIRL ON THE THIRD FLOOR to change all of that. Fresh to streaming services, the film was directed by Travis Stevens (who produced We Are Still Here) and stars the much-love WWE wrestler CM Punk as our main character who takes on his newly purchased haunted house head-on. By the trailer alone, the movie may seem pretty standard but allow me to reassure you, this film will shock you and blow your fucking mind away in such a gracious way. There has been a lot of buzz around this film prior to its release and I am more than happy to report that Girl on the Third Floor more than


The legacy something leaves doesn't necessarily depend on the popularity of the thing at the time, but the effect it has on the generations that follow. In the case of novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, it's been two hundred years since its release, and the knowledge and popularity of the story is possibly bigger than ever. So much so, that we are still seeing new, modernized tellings based on the novel - and fresh to streaming is DEPRAVED; written and directed by Larry Fessenden, it brings the story of a laboratory experiment coming to life into the 21st century. Fessenden enlisted the help of David Call and Joshua Leonard to star in the modern telling of Frankenstein, and this was a movie

Spite - The Root of All Evil

SPITE have been fucking killing it with every release they put out; it gets angrier, it gets heavier, and it gets more and more violent - just the way we like it. And if you've found yourself lucky enough to catch them live, you know about the madness these five dudes bring to the stage. They've been on my top 10 favorite bands list pretty much since their self titled record came out, and I've found myself falling more and more in love with them as time goes on. But this album, my friends, this is something truly wicked, truly evil, and truly fucking angry like we've never seen before. This is The Root of All Evil - the brand new eleven track masterpiece put together by Spite and released on

The Addams Family (2019)

They're creepy and they're kooky; mysterious and spooky; they're all together ooky. They're the Addams Family, and they're back in theaters after twenty one long years - but this time, they're in animation form! Directed by Conrad Vernon and Greg Tiernan, the film hit theaters this weekend and hit its projected box office earnings for opening weekend - but was the film worth the time, energy and money after all these years? Our favorite family of spooks bring nothing but laughs, puns, and heart in their new feature film, and honestly, it's the perfect Halloween themed flick to take your own family to - whether they're little kids or big kids like us! From the animation and story, to the voic

The Curse of Halloween Jack

In the years that follow an awful massacre of local townsfolk, the mayor has banned Halloween and all its festivities from the small town. But two years after the brutal attack, a local cult known as the Lords of Samhain conjure up the dead Halloween Jack, who spends October 31st hunting, hurting, and killing Halloween party-goers and others around the town. It's a fight for their lives as the local townsfolk try to escape the clutches of the evil-doer Halloween Jack, and it's up to an unlikely hero to put an end to Jack's Halloween madness. Will they banish Halloween Jack back to Hell, or will he escape the townsfolk, only to forever haunt and kill?! Readers beware: possible spoilers past t

Wednesday 13 - Necrophaze

Halloween has come early this year with the release of Wednesday 13's brand new album, Necrophaze! While Wednesday and his band of ghouls may not be the typical sound we cover here at Soulless Cult, their inspiration, lyrical themes and sound are all heavily influenced by one common thread we share: all things horror! As I mentioned two years ago in my review of his last album "Condolences," I've been following Wednesday since the start of the Murderdolls, and with every release I fall back in love with his tremendous discography. Necrophaze is no different; it's the best soundtrack to a horror movie and a Halloween party you could possibly get your hands on. Yet again, W13 has outdone himse

The Taking of Deborah Logan

Long time readers of Soulless Cult will know we're suckers for a good found footage movie; there's something about this genre of horror that always manages to be pretty entertaining, even though they always lack that reality factor they try to go for. The Taking of Deborah Logan is no different: it's a 2014 found footage film written by Gavin Heffernan and Adam Robitel, who also directed the film, and it follows young adults Mia, Gavin, and Luis who are working on a documentary to show the effects of Alzheimer's disease on not only the patient, but their family as well, and how the disease creates a life of confusion and sadness for all of those affected by it. It takes a little while to rea


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