Into The Dark: Pilgrim

Seasonal horror movies are some of the most fun movies in the genre, simply because they get so creative in turning a holiday into a horror. When it comes to today's big celebration - Thanksgiving - most people will talk about the now notorious Thankskilling and Poultrygeist movies are for their weirdness and creativity. This year, however, a new film emerges as part of Hulu's Into The Dark series simply entitled PILGRIM that is here to steal the show when it comes to holiday horror movies. As a part of the series, its a Blumhouse production that takes Thanksgiving back to its roots and teaches us the ever important lesson of being grateful for what we have... or else! It's an absolutely bri

The Cleansing

Outside of monster and supernatural movies, folk horror involving witchcraft is the runner up for one of my favorite genres of scary film. These stories are usually set in an amazing landscape with some dark secrets and always seem to tell an amazing story. Such is the case with THE CLEANSING - a new to streaming film written by David Shillitoe and directed by Antony Smith. While I'm sure some will compare it to the now infamous film The VVitch, allow me to reassure you that The Cleansing is an entirely different beast with its own brand of terror. The Cleansing will take you on a truly wicked journey of disgust, fear, hatred and retaliation; it's an epic storytelling that will grip you from

Doctor Sleep

THE SHINING is one of the most popular, respected, and loved horror films in all of cinema; even 39 years later, iconic scenes, imagery, and even music from the film can be recalled by audiences of all ages. And this past weekend, a milestone for 2019 horror finally landed in theaters. Doctor Sleep - the sequel based on the 2013 novel by Stephen King - is set several decades after the horrific events that overtook the Overlook Hotel in The Shining, and it briefly tells the story of what Danny Torrence has been up to before leading into his main journey in the film, which is to help a teenage girl who also shines to put an end to a cult whose members essentially use their ability to shine as

Pickaxe (2019)

Every great horror movie has a few common elements that all come together tin just the right away; blood, guts, and ghouls to name a few... oh yeah, and beautiful boobs! Coming across the trailer for PICKAXE, it was pretty clear that the film was going to be a pretty wicked slasher flick, but the trailer these guys put together for their movie barely even touches the surface of how over the top this bloodfest is, and just how many amazing sets of boobs you're in for upon pressing play - it's totally awesome. If you were looking for an obvious nod to the great classic slasher films of the '80s we've come to love, look no further than PICKAXE, written and directed by Jeremy Sumrall. If you're


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