Bonehill Road

What does all of the best horror movies ever have? The correct answer is hungry monsters, buckets of blood, plenty of guts, a crazed psychopath who cheesy lines, and for bonus points, a great set of breasts. If any - or better yet, if all - of that is up your alley, say hello to your new favorite indie horror: BONEHILL ROAD. Written and directed by Todd Sheets (who has an incredible history within the genre), Bonehill Road is a no-nonsense werewolf movie that pays homage to all of the great werewolf movies that came before it. Utilizing all practical effects and no cgi bullshit, the film takes on a terrifying life of its own as nighttime falls and evil - both human and not - comes to life to

The Turning

One of the first Hollywood horrors to hit theaters in 2020 is THE TURNING, a modern day adaptation of The Turn of The Screw, a ghost story from 1898 written by Henry James. Written by Carey and Chad Hayes and directed by Floria Sigismondi, the film tells the story of a young woman who is hired to teach and take care of a young girl after her parents die. Upon her arrival to the property, she learns that not only is she taking care of the young girl, but she will also be responsible for her older brother as well. Before long, things around the property take a bizarre, twisted turn that almost drives the teacher to quit the job entirely, but she sticks through it even though with each passing


A few weeks ago, we checked out a movie called APParition which incorporates modern day tech into its storyline to help drive its story. COUNTDOWN is another movie along the same style, and when it hit theaters last October, it actually did pretty good in the box office. October is always such a busy month around here, so this one slipped through our claws, but we finally got a chance to check the movie out and I have to admit, I was pleasantly surprised at how it turned out! Honestly, the trailer made it look like your typical, modern day Hollywood horror that appeals more so to the masses than to serious horror nerds; that may be a part of the reason it wasn't near the top of our must-see

The Dawn

Keeping up with the theme of exorcisms this week, I finally got the chance to check out THE DAWN - written by Brandon Slagle and Elliot Diviney, and directed by Slagle. It's a dark, subtly twisted film that spends the majority of its time in a convent surrounded by nuns and priests; you know a movie is going to be worth your time when it has possessed nuns, and The Dawn happily delivers. What it also delivers is an ending you absolutely will not see coming, and it's one that definitely nods its head to a horror great. The Dawn was an unexpected gem I stumbled upon on video on demand, and I was pleasantly surprised at just how excellently executed the CGI and special effects in the film were

The Assent

It's a good day for an exorcism, am I right?! Every year we are met with numerous exorcism movies that can be hit or miss, but unfortunately, most of them usually miss. Either they try too hard to recreate a modern era version of The Exorcist or they have a story that's just all over the place (but usually with some sick visuals). New to video on demand services is THE ASSENT - a film written and directed by Pearry Reginald Teo - which is neither of those; it take the exorcism genre and blends it with psychological thriller elements that make for a rather fun watch. And to be honest, even calling it an exorcism film is a bit of a stretch because The Assent isn't so much about the exorcism it

The Lighthouse

Before The Witch even hit nationwide theaters back in 2016, the horror community was ranting and raving about the period piece, saying it was one of the better independent films to come out in years. That proved to be true - at least in my opinion - and so when word broke out that director Robert Eggers had written another film alongside his brother Max, I just knew it was going to be something wicked. And around Halloween last year, we finally got the movie we've been waiting for: The Lighthouse, which stars Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson as two lighthouse keepers who endure a mind-bending, delusional breakdown of sanity as they become stranded on an island. The Lighthouse has been on my


Horror movies and technology seem to go hand-in-hand; I'm guessing it's because of the close relationship the genre has with sci-fi. Over the last few decades, we've seen plenty of films that utilize technology to help push the story and assist its characters. Such is definitely the case with APPARITION - which was released in the final days of 2019: it sees its main story driven by the use of an app (appropriately named Apparition) which uses the help of the dearly departed to help show the user a message from beyond the grave. Even though the movie shares the name of the app, the app is actually not the main attraction of the film, that goes to the seriously sickening reform school Preston


I'm a sucker for movies with giant, oversized versions of animals or giant animals fighting; I blame my early love affair with Godzilla films for this sick obsession. So when I stumbled upon a movie simply titled BOAR, you know I couldn't wait to sink my teeth into it. Judging by the trailer and the brief synopsis on the listing, Boar sounded like a fairly simple story: a tremendous pig terrorizes a bunch of people in the Australian outback. And wouldn't you know it... that's exactly what the film entails and it is fucking phenomenal in almost every way. If you're a fan of somewhat cheesy monsters, remarkable special effects, and buckets of blood, Boar's got you covered! It's simple storylin

Three Years of Soulless

On this day three years ago, I cast open the gates of Soulless Cult for all to see and share, not at all knowing what to expect from it. I didn't even know - and some might argue I still don't - what exactly this whole thing is, but I know it's fun, it's immersive, and it's completely taken on a life of its own at this point. I get to share so much sick music, movies, and just overall cool shit with people from all over the world, and I get so much support from countries I couldn't even begin to dream of having friends in. You guys are the drive to continue to grow and improve this project, and without all of your undying support, none of this would have been possible. So from the deepest de


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