Valentine's Day is (for better or for worse) here again, and if you and your loved one are looking for something special to do tonight, might I recommend a rental of the newly released CUPID? Written and directed by Scott Jeffrey, Cupid - from the get-go - takes the mascot of today's holiday and tells the true, dark history surrounding his backstory, and shows a perfect example of why you don't want to be struck by his arrow this February 14th. Incredibly well made, told, and written, once Cupid gets going, it gets going; filled with plenty of blood, outrageous kills and sweet, sweet revenge. Holiday-based movies could be hit or miss, but there's no doubt about it that Jeffrey's new movie ha

Gretel & Hansel

Upon seeing the trailer for Orion Pictures new flick Gretel & Hansel, I knew I needed to see it in theaters. Anytime a childhood tale is given a dark, demented twist, I need to know about it - which is part of the reason that back in 2013 when Hansel & Gretel came out, I couldn't get my hands on it quick enough. This time around wasn't much different: I knew from the trailer it wasn't going to necessarily be a terrifying horror, but more so a dark telling of some classic German folklore, and it pretty much met my expectations exactly. Gretel & Hansel was written by Rob Hayes and directed by Oz Perkins and for taking a dark fantasy approach to the folklore, believe it or not, the film doesn't

Lorna Shore - Immortal

Arguably one of the most anticipated deathcore albums of all time is the follow up to a game-changing album that was released back in 2017 entitled "Flesh Coffin." That's right, Lorna Shore's brand new album IMMORTAL has finally been unleashed upon the masses after months and months of teasing new material and some eerie silence from the band over the course of the last year or so. But it's here, and it is fucking glorious. Friends of mine know that I've always held Lorna Shore in the highest regard ever since I first stumbled upon the Maleficium EP years ago; and now, the bands most ambitious, threatening, powerful and intense record to date has finally seen the light of day, and it is noth


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