31 Weeks to Halloween: Dracula (1931)

In the annals of living horror, one name stands out as the epitome of evil: DRACULA! Quite possibly the most notable name in all of horror history is that of Count Dracula - a vampire who sleeps by day and feeds on the blood of the living by night. There are few characters more notable in the genre than that of Dracula, and even though there have been multiple media productions based off the character, none even come close to the 1931 film in which Dracula is played by Bela Lugosi. Lugosi portrayed the character previously on Broadway, so it was a natural fit to have his iconic look, facial expressions and language in the the first of the monster movies released by Universal Pictures. Since

The Hunt

Six months ago, THE HUNT was scheduled to be released in theaters across the country; the film ended up getting delayed due to two mass shootings that took place just a few weeks before. Two weeks ago, the movie finally hit theaters - but the funny thing now is that just one week into its release, the film has already been released digitally due to the pandemic currently affecting the globe. The Hunt has had nothing but trouble making it into the eyes of horror fans - which only helps grow the anticipation for "the most talked about movie of the year that no one's actually seen." Soulless Cult bit the bullet, shelled out our twenty bucks to rent the movie and dove right in to the much antici


It's here! It's finally here! Verotika - the film written and directed by Glenn Danzig of the Misfits, and based off his Verotik comic book - has finally been released upon the masses after what feels like an eternal wait. Danzig has been working on the Verotik comic books since 1994 when he founded the company, and a film adaptation of his comics has long been requested by fans of the publications. Verotik is an adult comic book which features two of our favorite things: blood and sex. There's no shortage of violence and nudity in the books, and so when you're adapting it for a film, you obviously have to include the plethora of boobs, butts and blood on screen. Verotika - the clever blendi

The Invisible Man (2020)

It's not a secret that Universal Pictures is attempting to create a revival of their classic monster movies from their early days. Their revival of The Mummy was the first of the "dark universe" to see its debut back in 2017, and while it did a great job financially, many fans weren't so thrilled with the film and considered it a flop for the company. Just two weeks ago, Universal Pictures released the second film in the series, this time utilizing a character that sometimes gets overlooked as a classic Universal Monster: The Invisible Man! The studio brought in Leigh Whannell - who has an extensive work history of successful horror films - to write and direct the Invisible Man reboot, which

Suicide Silence - Become The Hunter

A band that needs no introduction - California's own SUICIDE SILENCE - are back after three years with their brand new offering "Become The Hunter" which is, flat out, probably their best album since The Cleansing when it comes to beginning-to-end bangers. The band's self titled album released a few years ago was met with a ridiculous amount of criticism regarding the experimental sound the band played around with, and by criticism, I mean hate. Even though the songs sounded absolutely mental live, the recordings just didn't do it for a lot of people. So in a way, Become The Hunter is the bands chance to step back into a sound they know works for them and a sound they know the people want an

Itsy Bitsy

Soulless Cult loyalists would know that outside of horror and death metal, we spend our time tending to our haunting collection of skulls and tarantulas. Our crypt even has an Instagram where we show off some of our stunning eight legged friends; so make a movie about a killer spider and you know we gotta check it out. ITSY BITSY - directed by Micah Gallo (who has a history of working on some great horror flicks) and written alongside Jason Alvino and Bryan Dick - was released last summer and takes the classic killer animal genre to new thrills with its massive, terrifying arachnid killer. Gallo brought in some pretty notable talent for the film, including Bruce Davison, Denise Crosby, Eilee


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