Summer 2020 has officially started... and it's kinda off to a shitty start already, you know, with the whole pandemic and everything. Most of us beach goths are staying away from the sand this summer to avoid being around crowds, but the one good thing that can come of this is: more time for horror movies! And look no further for your horror of the summer: AQUASLASH. The film recently hit on demand services and is everything you're looking for in a summer horror: hot babes with tiny bikinis, plenty of good drink and smoke, bunch of dumb teens and oh yeah, don't forget water slides with giant blades inside of them that dismember party-goers! That's right, Aquaslash has no shortage of blood, g

31 Weeks to Halloween: Invisible Agent (1942)

Out of the sky... drops an invisible invader... to terrorize an entire nation! Soulless Cult's countdown to Halloween continues this week with another fantastic sequel film, this time in the form of INVISIBLE AGENT from 1942! The film is the fourth film in the Invisible Man series, but is certainly different from any of the other films we've seen so far in our countdown. While the basis of the film is familiar, there's some very unique elements about this film that honestly "wow'd" me a few times: the film is a wartime propaganda film that was used to help boost morale here in the United States and the political tone was definitely there. The movie makes sure to make the Nazis appear as comp

31 Weeks to Halloween: The Ghost of Frankenstein (1942)

The King of all Monsters strikes again! No chains can hold him! No tomb can seal him in! It's always a good weekend here at Soulless Cult when the Universal Monster movie we're covering this week in our 31 Weeks to Halloween countdown is a Frankenstein one! The Frankenstein series is arguably the strongest series in the whole Universal classic horror franchise, with great storytelling in all the films, one after another. The case is no different with 192's The Ghost of Frankenstein, the follow-up film to Son of Frankenstein and the first film to star Lon Chaney Jr. (who just a year before played The Wolf Man) as the Monster - alongside Bela Lugosi as Ygor (who also appeared in The Wolf Man!)

The Wolfman (2010)

As part of our 31 Weeks to Halloween countdown, this past weekend we finally hit another milestone in our thirty movie playlist: The Wolf Man from 1941! The film is - without a doubt - one of the best films we've gotten to so far in the countdown, filled with a great story, some great effects and even better characters. Naturally, when a movie is that good, you're going to want to see the remake of the film that came out almost seventy years later, right?! Luckily for us, The Wolfman remake was readily available to watch, so Soulless Cult jumped at the opportunity to check out (for the first time) the remake of the classic Universal Monster movie and man, this is a remake done right, and for

31 Weeks to Halloween: The Wolf Man (1941)

Night monster! Prowling...killing...terrifying a countryside...with the blood lust of a savage beast! Our weekly countdown to Halloween night continues as we move on to our next Universal Monsters movie for the week! It's been a few weeks since we've gotten one of the "big six" monsters, but that changes with today's movie: THE WOLF MAN from 1941! This film is the second werewolf film in the Monsters franchise - following up to 1935's less successful Werewolf of London - but it's the beginning film that would spawn four sequels starring Lon Chaney Jr., the star of The Wolf Man. The film became seriously successful and popular during it's time, and the effects of the movie are still felt toda

The Deeper You Dig

The best part about watching a movie you've never heard of, haven't seen a trailer for, and have no idea what the story is about is discovering those hidden gem films that you might've otherwise skipped over. Maybe the trailer wasn't flashy enough, but there wasn't enough jump scares, or maybe it looked too "low budget" for your liking. But some of the best movies I've ever stumbled across, I literally stumbled across, threw down my money and shot into the dark. Such is the case with one of the best movies I've seen this year: THE DEEPER YOU DIG. Played in the right viewing atmosphere, the film is an unsettling, unnerving, dark and twisted mental breakdown rollercoaster for not just the char

31 Weeks to Halloween: The Invisible Woman (1940)

Get rid of your inhibitions and let yourself go with a visible lovely - an invisible tease! The year 1940 was a big one for fans of the original The Invisible Man film from 1933, one of the more fun Universal Monsters movies of the 1930s. But 1940 was big because not one but two Invisible films were added to the franchise: The Invisible Man Returns was released in January and in December, The Invisible Woman debuted in theaters. Although The Invisible Woman is the third film in the series, it is essentially completely unrelated to the previous two movies and tells its own funny, yet great little story. The film was directed by A. Edward Sutherland and stars the beautiful Virginia Bruce as Ki

The House In Between

Alice Jackson built her dream home in Florence, Mississippi hoping to live her life to the fullest. What she ended up getting was a restless house with unexplainable, bizarre activity that started off tame, but ended up becoming so serious, she couldn't spend another night living there. She ended up moving out of the dream house she built for herself, and for the last decade, she's been allowing and encouraging local paranormal investigators into her home to try and help decipher what exactly is causing all the strange activity. When the investigators feel they've done all they could do, Miss Alice brought in former Ghost Hunters investigator Steve Gonsalves (and director of this film alongs


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