31 Weeks to Halloween: Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954)

Not since the beginning of time has the world known terror like this! With Halloween just five weeks away, one probably wouldn't expect to see any new series pop up in our Universal Monsters 31 Weeks to Halloween countdown. We've seen 'em all: Dracula, The Wolf Man, Frankenstein's Monster, The Mummy, The Invisible Man - but 23 years after the debut of the first Universal Monsters movie - Dracula in 1931 - we have finally arrived at what is arguably the most terrifying of all the monsters: The Creature from the Black Lagoon. In 1954, Creature from the Black Lagoon hit theaters in black and white 3D, and it shocked and spooked audiences with its terrifying tale of Gill-Man, a half-man, half-se


You can count on one hand the number of breathtaking folklore horror films that come out every year; but while the numbers may be small, their impact continues to haunt you well after the credits have rolled. We've seen it in the past with films like The VVitch, Midsommar, and Hagazussa, and now you can finally rent the next one that will, if you allow it, mess with your head and suck you into its cyclical mindfuck of mental torture. ENTWINED - directed by Minos Nikolakakis - is a Greek fantasy horror film that takes place deep in the forest of a remote village in Greece, where Mother Nature works in mysterious and powerful ways humans cannot even begin to fathom. I'm beginning to stick to t

Fear Pharm

October is so close you can feel it - the air is getting crisp, pumpkins and decorations are slowly beginning to make their appearances, and if you're lucky, some haunted houses are opening up this weekend to give you the thrills and chills you've been craving for the last twelve months. But one of Halloween's most underrated activities definitely has to be the corn maze; if you're lucky enough to have one of these by you, they can be a very overwhelming and terrifying experience depending on how big they are and how hard it is to get out. But what if sundown isn't your biggest enemy inside the corn maze and instead, maniac psychos wielding chainsaws and knives are hunting you down inside?!

31 Weeks to Halloween: Abbott and Costello Meet the Invisible Man (1951)

You'll shiver... you'll shudder... you'll shout with laughter! The countdown is really on now as we inch closer and closer to the best holiday of the entire year, Halloween. And since it's Saturday, that means we're checking out yet another Universal Monsters movie as a part of our 31 Weeks to Halloween countdown - and today's hilariously terrifying feature reunites us with the epic comedy duo in Abbott and Costello Meet the Invisible Man! Last week, as a part of our countdown, we laughed as they encountered a handful of creatures in Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein, and that is one of the biggest differences between these two films; in the last film, the duo cross paths with Dracula, T

31 Weeks to Halloween: Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein (1948)

...with more howls than you can shake a shiver at! This week in New York, the temperature is beginning to drop, the days are becoming cooler and shorter, and summer is finally coming to its graceful end. And with that, we are one week closer to the one day horror fans look forward to every year: Halloween! As we take one more step closer to the end of our 31 Weeks to Halloween countdown, we have officially closed the book on the main storylines involving the big monsters: Frankenstein, Dracula, Invisible Man, Wolf Man, The Mummy. From this week until the end of our countdown, the only films that remain are the Abbott and Costello comedy films which feature the monsters and the one monster th


There's absolutely no doubt that social media, over the last decade or so, has made people do some pretty insane shit just to get views, likes, and followers. There is this really bizzare and unmentionable desire for a lot of people to be liked on the internet and to have an audience, so some people will just go to unbelievable lengths to get just the right photo or to create that video nobody else has the guts to create. When the new horror FOLLOWED finally released on video-on-demand this summer, I knew it was gonna be an interesting one because of its concept: an online video creator is desperate for new subscribers to earn a sponsorship for his channel, so he spends the nights leading up

31 Weeks to Halloween: She-Wolf of London (1946)

Under a shroud of fog... the She-Wolf strikes... and London town is gripped by terror! When people think about the Universal Monsters, most think of the big names: Frankenstein, Dracula, Invisible Man... the heavy hitters. Many people won't associate Werewolf of London from 1935 as being one of the Universal Monsters, let alone the lesser known (and lesser appreciated) She-Wolf of London from 1946! She-Wolf is a film you rarely hear people talk about, and after finally seeing for the first time this week, I can totally understand why. The film is honestly unlike any of the other Universal films we've checked out during our 31 Weeks to Halloween countdown, and while it has its saving grace en


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