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Over the past week, the launch of Soulless saw an incredible amount of support from all over the world. We have been getting so much love from our newfound community - it's awesome. As the snow falls down here in New York, we've got a whole night ahead of us to fill with the crushing forces of heavy fucking metal! We'd like to invite any bands who may happen to be reading this to send over your bands profiles and music - we'd love to check you out, and maybe even do a review of your stuff! We would love to see what the members of the Soulless community have come up with,...

For those of us who are actively a part of the online metal community - be it through social media, metal websites such as Lambgoat or Metalsucks, or even YouTube - the genre war is something you can't escape. It fills comment sections, floods message boards, and for some people, is the one true god. The Heavy Metal Genre War is both a blessing and a fucking curse.

If you are not aware of what exactly I'm referencing here, it's the dissection of bands sound and applying labels to it. Sounds pretty basic, right? It's easy to listen to a bands like The Used or AC/DC and say...

It's been an incredibly exciting week here at Soulless, with the launch of our website on Monday. The amount of support we have received this past week has been absolutely incredible, and definitely helps motivate us to go bigger and go better. That being said, I would like to take a moment to announce that the Soulless Android app has officially gone live on the Google Play Store!

The app is essentially an independent version of the site on your mobile device! Now there is no need to remember to boot up your browser and hit up Soulless.co each Monday, Wednesday and Friday...

For the first murder case study for Soulless, it feels it would only be appropriate to feature the murders that happened just down the street from the Soulless Headquarters: The Amityville murders. It is arguably one of the most notorious murder cases in modern day America, being the basis for a plethora of movies and books. But for those who may not know the true facts about the case, you're in for a doozy.

Date: November 13, 1974

Place: Amityville, Long Island, New York

Victims: 6

Ronald Defeo Jr, who was 23 years old at the time, led a group of bar patrons to his house at...

2016 came and went in the blink of an eye - and with it came a flash flood of brutal music. The metal genre saw a ton of incredible releases , no matter what style of metal you're a fan of. We here at Soulless figured what's a better way to start off the new year and our new site than a list of our top deathcore, death metal, and slam albums of the past year! Let's dig in, shall we?!


Nails is one band you can always guarantee will be heavy, in your face, and invoke the most violent of tendencies from the listener. And their June rele...

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