Inspired by Death

Welcome to Soulless - we have been patiently waiting for today. Today marks the beginning of something new, something dark, something... deadly. And you are cordially invited to join us on our journey to death.

Death is the only thing promised in life. It is the one guaranteed thing that unifies us all. In a world where we find ourselves falling into particular sects and classes, death is the one absolute thing that you, myself, and every single person you will ever encounter in your entire life will experience. It is something you will experience entirely alone, it is something you can't share to your facebook feed, but yet it is something society has kept taboo for centuries. ​ Soulless is inspired by death. It is a celebration of the music, the movies, the artwork, the culture, and the obsession that is death. From death metal and horror movies, to the serial killer stories and the obsession of death. Soulless covers all aspects of the death culture for both the people in the scene and those who are merely curious. ​ We all have our own ideas about what happens when we die. Some believe that's it - the body begins its decomposition and that's the end. Some of the religious believe in other realms where we shed our human shell and are truly limitless. Our mission is not to tell you what to believe or who is right & who is wrong - fact of the matter is, not a single person in the universe is certain about what happens when we die. Our mission is to share our obsession with the unknown.

Our website,, is our main headquarters for all things death. We hope to have our content updated on a Monday - Wednesday - Friday schedule each week, so you'll know exactly when new band features, movie reviews, tattoo artist features, and articles are posted to the site. Don't worry though, Soulless is featured on three social media platforms, so with one click you will be notified when our content goes live each week. Follow us on our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts to stay in the know about our community.

But Soulless isn't going to stop there - in the upcoming months, we look forward to launching our clothing line, which will feature unique and death-inspired t-shirts, hoodies, and more. We find beauty in all things occult and dark, so for those of you who share an appreciation for the more macabre aspects of life, you'll love where we are going with this. Keep an eye on the Soulless Store website to stay updated with what's going on with our clothing. We are currently working on some design ideas and seeking the right artists to work with - if you are interested in working with us, get in contact with us!

If you are interested in learning more about Soulless, check out our Frequently Asked Questions page, where hopefully we can address some of your questions. If not, we are always open to your questions, comments, or concerns which you can share with us via our Contact page.

For everything dark and everything deadly, you've come to the right place. We are glad you've found us.