Submit Your Band to Soulless!

Over the past week, the launch of Soulless saw an incredible amount of support from all over the world. We have been getting so much love from our newfound community - it's awesome. As the snow falls down here in New York, we've got a whole night ahead of us to fill with the crushing forces of heavy fucking metal! We'd like to invite any bands who may happen to be reading this to send over your bands profiles and music - we'd love to check you out, and maybe even do a review of your stuff! We would love to see what the members of the Soulless community have come up with, and we are always open to check out new music!

Feel free to use our Contact form to shoot us an email, or submit your links to us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter! The gates to the Soulless lair are always open to you guys, so don't hesitate to get involved!

Again, thank you so much for all of the undying support we've been getting - the year of Soulless has just begun.

- Bobby Cvlt // inspired by death.