Weekly Wretched: Begging for Incest - Finsternis

Welcome to the first installment of the Weekly Wretched, presented by Soulless! The Weekly Wretched is essentially going to be our version of an "album of the week" and/or album review feature. Each Monday at Soulless, the Weekly Wretched will feature one extreme metal album we'd like to suggest for you to jam for the week. For the premier of the Weekly Wretched, we'd like to feature BEGGING FOR INCEST!

Based out of Cologne, Germany, Begging for Incest are a brutal death metal trio who who have about ten years worth of history behind them. Their new album, "Finsternis" was released on October 21st on Rising Nemesis Records, and is ten gut wrenching tracks of exquisite heavy fucking metal. The first track, "Awakening in Nothingness" is a pounding instrumental that leads you right into the thrashing tones of the rest of the album, which is filled with powerful guitar riffs and growls that sound like they come from the devil himself. Every aspect of this album sounds like it was carefully put together - piece by piece - to construct an unforgettable, unique sound that allows Begging for Incest to stand out from a lot of the other albums that came out last year. The incredibly powerful breakdown found in the second half of "Katharsis," for example, is one that will leave you wanting to just smash the fuck out of your windows - a reaction appropriate as a response to an album of this brutality! The vocalist swarms in and out of smashing guitar riffs and blow-by-blow blast beats - and it all blends together into a deafening mix of beautiful brutal death metal. Begging for Incest are pretty unforgiving when it comes to complete, in your face brutality - take "Constrained to Operate" for example - without seconds, the band are set for destruction and leaving you all in their path, and another incredibly insane breakdown leaves you begging to be left alive for more. After giving the listener a taste of death in one of my personal favorites from the album, "An Inner Sanctum," the band leads you out from their grasp with another instrumental in "Endless Void," a perfect slow headbanging anthem to put Finsternis to an end. The album is highly recommended for any fans of the slam and deathcore genres, as you'll find the band grays the line between the two genres leaving you with just one heavy as hell release. FFO: Acranius, Kraanium, Abominable Putridity, Vulvodynia.

Listen to the ENTIRE album below, presented by the legendary SLAM WORLDWIDE!

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