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New TAIM, Human Error, & more!

This past week saw some pretty heavy hitters dropping new songs - but the most popular by far has to go to Thy Art Is Murder. The news hit the internet shortly after the band got on stage at UNIFY, the legendary music festival held in Australia. The band was rejoined by former vocalist CJ McMahon, who left the band a while back to take care of some shit going on in his own life. CJ has since gone on to say that he kinda became a mess, and needed some time to do some soul searching and get his life back together. But the band have formally announced his return to Thy Art, and what better way to celebrate the return of one of the faces of the scene than with a new song! "No Absolution" has written during the Holy War sessions, but they say they simply could not get the song together in time to make the record. So as a gift from the men themselves, enjoy yourself some new Thy Art Is Murder - and hopefully its just a sick new taste of whats to come this year:

Another new song dropped this week that can only be described in one word - DEVASTATING. I'm super hyped for the new HUMAN ERROR ep, "Upon A Throne of Greed," which is slated for a March 19th release. Human Error is the side project of legendary Luke Griffin, vocalist of Acrania, so you know this shits going to get wild. The band released their track "Synthetic Euphoria" back in November, and it was nutty as hell, but "Billions Made as Millions Die" takes it to a whole other level - featuring guest vocals by Dickie Allen of the godlike Infant Annihilator. This ep is probably one of the albums I'm most excited for this year, it's going to be an insane release - I seriously can't wait to see what else they got in store. Check out the new song below!

So good ol' boys in So This Is Suffering also dropped a new one from their upcoming album "Palace of the Pessimist," and they've done a damn good job of bringing the heavy this time around. "Dreameater" is a badass name to begin with, but just wait til you hear this track, it's gnarly.

And before I get any shit for our final video, let me preface this by saying I still love this band even though they've taken a less heavy path since "Desolation of Eden" came out. Chelsea Grin still kick a whole load of ass, and their new track that they premiered the day of the Presidential Inauguration is a pretty catchy and heavy one. Check out "American Dream" below!


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