Weekly Wretched: Aversions Crown - Xenocide

Call me crazy, but aliens and metal go together like peas and carrots, and there's been a growing number of bands that bring the concept of aliens into the metal genre and it's such a beautiful combination. Whether it is the crazy ass Rings of Saturn guys who have riffs that sound alien or songs by Oceano or Harvest Misery that are about alien takeovers, aliens have infiltrated heavy metal. Australia's Aversions Crown dropped their new album "Xenocide" on Friday, and it's a perfect combination of aliens and deathcore filthiness.

The twelve track album released on Nuclear Blast, is a heavy hitting masterpiece of pure brutality. The instrumental intro track "Void" almost braces you for the war that is set to begin when the next track "Prismatic Abyss" hits, with its ringing out guitars that bare a striking resemblance to fellow Australians Thy Art Is Murder. And I don't say that in a negative way, it actually kicks a whole lot of ass because while the guitar tone may sound the same, Aversions Crown has a completely different take on their sound than Thy Art. The bands vocalist Mark Poida belts out growls that honestly don't even sound human at points. His range goes from ear-piercing highs to filthy, grimy lows as seen in tracks like "Ophiophagy" and "Cynical Entity." Overall, the album is just a constant intense, heavy as fuck album that manages to sound evil but have angelic moments. The album chugs along as the guitars continue to crush and penetrate your soul with outstanding displays of musicianship on songs like "Misery" and "The Soulless Acolyte," while the drummer manages to somehow keep up with the chaos that is in your face and relentless.

"Xenocide" has been one of my most anticipated albums since they first announced it, and Aversions Crown did not disappoint in the slightest. With Xenocide, Aversions Crown have an opportunity to become one of the more prominent faces of the deathcore scene, especially coming at a time when many deathcore bands are either calling it a day or deciding to lighten up their sound. This simply is not the case for them; and they're making sure that is known. The band have already established a great name for themselves with their last album, "Tyrant" - but Aversions Crown just one-upped themselves and Xenocide is here to take over the fucking planet.