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Best (Brutal) Valentine's Day Gifts

Valentine's Day is just three weeks away, so for those of you who celebrate with your significant other, you have just enough time to order some devilish goodies from the internet and get them delivered! Luckily for you, the Soulless fiends scavenged the depths of the internet to find the sickest and most brutal gifts to give your loved ones this year, so check out our list below and let us know if you ended up ordering anything (or if you already have anything from the list!).

Disclaimer: Soulless is not affiliated with any of the companies linked below, nor do we profit at all from any of purchases made on these webstores. Soulless simply supports the underground stores who provide people like us with so much cool shit. Also, all photos shared below are copyright the company they are listed with; we do not own any of the photos posted below.


The Forever Collection: Taxidermy Rose - £550.00

These look absolutely incredible - sold by UK webstore Decorus Macabre, these taxidermy roses, sold in both black and red, the roses are held by real human bone taxidermy, formerly medical specimens. They look absolutely stunning and speaks more than a million words. They come with a glass dome, making it a perfect addition to the collection of any fan of taxidermy. Buy it here!



Horror Decor sells a ton of fun, adorable stuffed creatures such as pillows, killer carnival punks, and "cuddle creeps," but these horror buddies are definitely my favorites. With nine different designs available, you can get an adorable, huggable version of your favorite killers Freddy and Jason, a killer clown, a pig faced chainsaw killer, a creepy mall Santa and more! Check out their great collection! Buy it here!



Sold by Life After Death Designs, these coffin shaped lipstick organizers are the perfect gift for those in your life who have an extensive makeup collection! The coffin is made out of poplar wood and is hand crafted and painted black - it holds up to 24 lipsticks! Definitely something fun to add to the dresser or bathroom! Buy it here!



Black Willow Gallery has a bat mirror, designed by Lupe Flores, that is simply to die for. For those with girlfriends (or boyfriends!) who are always checking their makeup and making sure they didn't smear, this bat mirror is such a fashionable way to go about it. Shaped as a coffin with two little bat wings, the mirror measures in at 3.75 by 5.5 inches, and is made out of wood and stained black. Buy it here! Visit them on Instagram here!



Okay - these things are seriously cool. These adorable cat shaped candles come in pink, white and grey color variants and have a deadly little surprise to them. Sure, they look pretty awesome intact as a candle, but once you get the candle burning down and the wax melts away, you are left with an emerging skeleton! Check out the video provided in the purchase link above to see just how cool the little cat skeleton is! Buy it here!



BoneLust are known for their creative use of ethically sourced natural history art and jewelry. These adorable antique leaf designed necklaces feature replica skulls - either that of a wolf or a crow - attached to the center of the leaf. These are both totally adorable and unique, so for the skull lover in your life, these are perfect. Buy it here!



If you are unfamiliar with the name Love & A Sandwich, I don't know what rock you've been living under! Love & A Sandwich features all monsters and creatures handmade by artist Chelsea Bloxsom. She creates plush, hats, pins and even earrings all featuring her own crazy adorable little monsters! But just in time for Valentines Day she has these amazing little Love Yetis for sale! These total heartthrobs come in four different colors: pink, grey, white and blue! If you like how these look but don't want these little Love Yetis in particular, definitely check out the rest of the store - there are tons and tons of little monsters, you're sure to find one that will steal your partners heart! Buy it here!



The Strange and Unusual store has four beautiful fox tail keychains for sale - grey, silver, off-white and natural fox color. They come in different sizes, some 12 inches and some 22 inches, so be sure to view the description of the tail you wish to order. But these are definitely some adorable little additions to any natural collection! Buy it here!



For sale over at Black Willow Gallery, these wooden coffin shaped earrings have crescent moons laser cut into them, and measure in at 1.5" x 0.8". They are 2.5mm thick, and are perfect for the little goth in your life! Buy it here! Visit them on Instagram here!



Vegan Treats have become a very well known name in the world of edibles because of their vegan friendly ingredients. Each year, they produce their Valentines Day exclusive Fatally Yours chocolate box, which features skulls, bones, hearts, roses, and more. The quality of these are astounding and worth every penny, and the presentation alone is just remarkable. These are super limited edition, though, so if you plan on ordering make sure you do so as soon as possible! They will sell out! Buy it here!


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