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Saturday Morning Sickness: ABACABB

Welcome to the all new bi-weekly feature here at Soulless, Saturday Morning Sickness! Over the course of the past fifteen years or so, so many good bands have come and gone. The days of Myspace Metal have come and gone, and with it, so many names and albums that - at the time - defined the scene. There is just so much music out there today (which is a good thing!) that it's so easy to forget some of the bands who inspired a lot of what the deathcore and death metal scene are today. So the fun in Saturday Morning Sickness is to bring BACK those albums and bands (and often one hit wonders!) to rediscover some of the great heavy fucking metal that kicked so much ass way back when.

To kick off the first SMS at Soulless, who better than to start off with good ol' ABACABB! The band were formed in 2004, based in Sterling, Virginia and were signed to Sumerian Records back in its early days. They were a deathcore band who got their named based off the blood code from the original Mortal Kombat for Sega Genesis, so you know these dudes were fucking serious. The band released three demos before releasing their debut (and only) full length album "Survivalist" in 2009. Survivalist helped boost the band to popularity with the deathcore community; while the album seemed boring to many of in the more broad death metal genre, the deathcore fans ate up Survivalist because while it wasn't the most technical or groundbreaking music to come out, it was heavy, fast, and loud, and the breakdowns sure are fucking heavy. Unfortunately, ABACABB disbanded at the end of 2010, before getting the opportunity to release another full length album.

Check out the video below for "Survivalist" in full; it's also available on Spotify! If you're unfamiliar with ABACABB, they're certainly a piece of deathcore history that should not be forgotten, so definitely give their album a playthrough!


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