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Artist Feature: Cam Rackam

In the summer of 2015, I was lucky enough to go to the Long Island date of the Mayhem Festival (RIP) where I was introduced to the incredible art of Cam Rackam, painter, sculptor, and designer from Huntington Beach, California. Cam was there selling some of the designs from his clothing line - RCKM. Since then, I've been following the art of Rackam quite closely, and pretty much fall in love with every piece he shares with his 40k Instagram followers. Last summer, Cam graced Long Island yet again with his art show Red Winter, which was held at the Raison Gallery in the heart of the Hamptons. I unfortunately was not able to attend, but the internet luckily got a small glimpse into the show through Rackam's online presence. With his permission, I'd like to share with the Soulless community some of my favorite pieces from his collection. If you like what you see, please consider buying something from his RCKM clothing line or following him on Instagram and Facebook to show some love! For names of the pieces, as well as my short comments about each piece, click the thumbnail to open up a larger scale version of the painting. Thanks to Cam Rackam for allowing Soulless the opportunity to share his incredible work with our community at!


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