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Weekly Wretched: Boris The Blade - Warpath

The past few years, a lot of fans are saying that deathcore bands are trying to break away from the genre, some even going to far as to say that the bands are embarrassed by the title. Some of these internet kids even talk about how deathcore is dead and gone - but these trolls clearly do not know the name BORIS THE BLADE, or the legacy the band is leaving behind with the release of "Warpath," their new 10 track release packed with Australian deathcore goodness. Where some bands like Suicide Silence and Whitechapel soften up their sound, Boris the Blade are coming in hot in 2017 with a heavier, fiercer, and more destructive album of their career. "Warpath" is a force to be reckoned with, and it's leaving a trail of bodies in its wake.

The title track - "Warpath" - kicks off the new release by immediately launching you into a relentless force of crushing metal. That force literally lasts the duration of the record, so brace yourself for a wild drive of catchy head-bobbing guitars, breakdowns that will piece you to your core, heavy and raw vocals and some incredibly talented drum work. Warpath does a great job of blending the familiar deathcore sound with a lot of technicality that will appease people who like any type of metal. Boris the Blade brought in two well known voices for the album as well - CJ McMahon of Thy Art is Murder on "Misery" and Tim Goergen of Within the Ruins on "Omens" - two songs that bring together some of the best of the best for a sound that many modern day bands can only dream of accomplishing.

Groovy tunes like "Nihilist," "Paralysed," and "Elixir" show just how down and dirty the Boris the Blade boys can get, and are fine examples that deathcore is still alive and fucking well. The band somehow managed to one up their previous released with fast, technical progressions and slow, intense-driven breakdowns that will leave you wanting to crack some skulls. It is an unforgiving show of violence that brings Boris the Blade to the foreground of the 2017 deathcore and metal scene. If songs like "Devastator" and "Solace" don't catch your attention for how different they are from so much of the flooded metal scene, you're not listening correctly!

The band made a statement with their release of Warpath - if nobody else wants the deathcore throne, Boris the Blade have no problem stepping up and taking that shit, leaving anyone who isn't down in the dust.

Check out the music video for "Warpath" below, and if you like what you hear, pick up a copy of the album!


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