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Saturday Morning Sickness: Belie My Burial

Welcome to the second edition of Saturday Morning Sickness, the bi-weekly feature at Soulless where we take you back to the early years of the deathcore genre and find some of the good and the bad bands of the older days! On the last SMS, we took a look back at ABACABB, but today we're going back to 2005 and the formation of BELIE MY BURIAL!

From Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Belie My Burial made their debut in 2006 with the release of their four song demo just entitled "Demo." It wasn't until 2007 that "Persephone" was released, which contained "Finish Him," a song for which the music video skyrocketed the bands notoriety in the deathcore scene. Going back and watching the music video today is a true blast to the past - the quality in both the audio and video together make it just that much better, and takes you back to a time before high quality music streaming through YouTube. At present, the video has surpassed the 1.5 million views count - an impressive feat for a video released in 2008 for a band that didn't exactly take off as much as other bands in the scene did at the time. Nonetheless, "Finish Him" was - and still is - a kickass track that certainly defined the sound at the time.

Belie My Burial went on to record and release two more follow up albums - a self titled EP released in 2009 and a full length record "Pale Beyond" released in 2012. "Pale Beyond" actually kicks a ton of ass and its a shame the album seemed to be so overlooked. The band recently just released their final two singles, "Solicitude" and "Distant Hand" as part of a two song release "Son of Lies." The band says, according to their Facebook, that they are closing this chapter with the "Son of Lies" release and have a new chapter coming soon. The two tracks are really pretty great songs that, again, it'd be a shame for the metal community to overlook.

Check out the band on Spotify - you can find "Son of Lies," along with their other releases, streaming over there! Belie My Burial are certainly a piece of deathcore history that, thanks to the internet, we can relive again and again!


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