Weekly Wretched: Analepsy - Atrocities From Beyond

Bands lately have just been constantly one-upping their previous albums by adding better riffs, more brutal vocals, and crazier and crazier slams and breakdowns. This is most definitely the case for Portugal's ANALEPSY who just released their new album, "Atrocities from Beyond" back on January 27th. Atrocities from Beyond if a followup to their debut album, "Dehumanization by Supremacy" which came out back in 2015, and the band somehow managed to blow that great record out of the water with their latest release. Every track is a constant shock to your system as the record goes on, with each songs intensifying more and more. This has been a very highly anticipated record - and for anybody who has yet to hear it, you're in for a very, very special treat from the slamming brutal death overlords Analepsy.

To kick the record off, the band throws you right into it with "Apocalyptic Premonition," and what I'm going to say next is something that is not said very often, but has to be said about this song. To me, the first song of any album is one of the most important records on the album - it is introducing the listener to the story that's about to be told, and exactly how to expect it to be told. Analepsy are relentless with their first track, and it is - honestly - one of the best kick-offs to an album that I've heard in years. The song starts off with a head-bobbing chug that just builds and builds and builds hype until the release, and when it hits, it hits fucking hard. It is the perfect introduction to the album, I think they did an excellent job choosing it as the kick-off for Atrocities from Beyond.

The gut-retching fun sure as hell does not stop there as the band continues plummeting you with more riffage and mayhem as the intensity of the record builds. Songs like "The Vermin Devourer," "Eons in Vacuum," and "Engorged Absorption" are prime examples of beautifully crafted death metal that will cause your knees to collapse. "Atrocities from Beyond" takes an extreme form of metal and takes it to the next level with crushing slams and a vocal style that can only be compared to the demons of hell. On the instrumental track "Depths of Agony," the band manages to create an atmosphere so violent, so intense that it should leave all of its listeners with clenched fists ready to take on the world - it paints an empowering picture through crazy-ass snare drum hits and slams so good you can take on anyone.

I cannot recommend this record enough to any fan of metal, not just slam or death metal. It is a record that deserves to be heard and recognized for just how heavy this damn thing is. Analepsy, as well as the Portugal death metal scene as a whole, should be incredibly proud of their latest offering, and it certainly puts Portugal on the map as having some insane metal, in my opinion at least. Analepsy are clearly professionals at their craft and did a great job bringing it to life with Atrocities from Beyond. Don't sleep on this record, it's a kick-ass way to start off a great year of death metal.

Thanks to the legends over at SLAM WORLDWIDE, you can stream "Atrocities from Beyond" in its entirety below! If you like what you hear, physical albums as well as t-shirts, hoodies, and other merch are available at their webstore here!