Black Widow Killers: Katherine Knight

The black widow is considered the most venomous spider in the North America, however, only the female black widow is dangerous to humans. It is also the females who bring life to the name "black widow" - the female spiders will occasionally kill and consume their male counterparts after mating. "Black widow" is also the perfect nickname for the female killer Katherine Knight - who famously killed her partner, skinned him, and tried to feed him to their children. Happy Valentine's Day, fiends!

Katherine Mart Knight was born a twin on October 24, 1955 in New South Wales, Australia into a household that was already full of controversy before she was even conceived. Long story short, Katherine's mother had married her husband and had four sons with him before she began an adulterous relationship with one of her husband's coworkers. Both families were well known in their conservative rural town, so it was decided that the mother and lover would leave town, leaving behind the four sons. With her new lover, Katherine's mother had four more children, of which Katherine was born a twin.

Katherine's father was an alcoholic who was not shy when it came to using violence and intimidation to rape Katherine's mother up to ten times a day. Her mother would confide in the twins, telling them how much she hated both sex and men. The only person Katherine was close to, besides her twin, was her uncle, who ended up committing suicide in 1969 (fun side note: Katherine maintains that her uncle's ghost continues to visit her!). By the time high school came around, Katherine had gained notoriety as a loner and a bully who assaulted at least one boy with a weapon. On the contrary, however, Knight was known as a model student - so maybe they just thought she had a bit of a temper?! Regardless, when Knight landed her "dream job" which was essentially cutting up meat, she was given her own set of knives which she brought home and hung over her bed so they "would always be handy if I needed them" - which is a habit she continued throughout her life until her incarceration. Creepy, I know.

Katherine's first marriage to David Kellett in 1974 became a violent nightmare for the groom. On their wedding night, Katherine tried to strangle Kellett because her had fallen asleep after only having intercourse three times. Throughout the marriage, Knight would go on to have various other violent occasions until Kellett left Knight due to her crazy antics and possessive nature.

The man we want to tell you about, however, in the Knight story is John Price, who was already a father of three by the time the affair between Katherine Knight and him began. John Price was reportedly well aware of Knight's violent history, but besides the violent arguments, life between the two was just dreamy - that was, until Knight got Price fired from his job of 17 years, which was followed up with him kicking her out. However, the pair ended up getting back together and of course, the violent arguments picked right back up where it left off.

On February 29th, 2000, John Price got a restraining order against Katherine Knight to keep her away from both himself and his children. Price was so worried about how crazy Knight was that he had warned his coworkers that if did not show up to work the following day, it had meant that Katherine killed him. Sure enough, neighbors noticed that Price's car was still in his driveway the next morning and when he didn't show up to work, his employer sent another workers to the house to check up on John. Upon arriving at the house, the neighbor and coworker noticed blood on the front door and alerted police. When the police arrived and were able to break down the back door, they found the body of John Price with Katherine Knight, who was comatose from taking a large number of pills.

Knight had reportedly stabbed Price while he was asleep. Judging by the blood evidence, John woke up as a result of the stabbing and was chased around the house by Knight in an effort to escape her. It appeared that John made it outside of the front door (hence the blood on the front door) and he either stumbled back inside the house or was dragged back in by Knight, where he later bled out and died. The autopsy of Price revealed that he had been stabbed 37 times - and she got him good, many of the wounds extended to vital organs.

After Price had been dead for several hours, Knight reportedly skinned the body of John and hung him from a meat hook. When then beheaded Price, and cooked up several parts of his dead body, serving it alongside baked potatoes, zucchini, gravy and more in two place settings at the dinner table. Think that's messed up? Oh, it gets worse. In front of the two place settings were note cards - each with the names of Price's children on it. You read that right - Katherine Knight attempted to serve the cooked up body of John Price to his two children.

A third meal was found in the backyard, seemingly thrown for unknown reasons, however it is speculated that the third meal was for Katherine, however she was unable to consume it, so she tossed it out the back door. Knight claims she has no recollection of the the crime, though, so that's purely speculation at this point.

The head of John Price was found in a pot filled with vegetables. Knight left a bloody and flesh-ridden note written on top of a photograph of Price, which read, "Time got you back Johathon for rapping [raping] my douter [daughter]. You to Beck [Price's daughter] for Ross – for Little John [his son]. Now play with little Johns dick John Price. (sic)" However, the accusations of Knight was found to be groundless and nothing ever came of it.

Knight was convicted of the murder of John Price, and the judge in her case said that both the nature of the crime and Knight's lack of remorse for the crime required a severe punishment. Knight was sentenced to life in prison and ordered that her papers note she was "never to be released." This caused Katherine Knight to be first woman in Australian history to be sentenced to life in prison without the chance of parole. She tried to appeal the life sentence in 2006, however it was dismissed.