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Creep (2014 Film Review)

Creep is one of my favorite movies to come out since 2000. There - it's out there to start with! The movie is one of the best written films I have seen in such a long time, that after I saw it for the first time, I watched it three more times within the first month. That's how good of a job Patrick Brice and Mark Duplass (of "The League" fame) did on this movie. Such a good job that even three years later, I'm still recommending this movie to literally everybody who will listen to me talk about it.

Normally, in these types of reviews I like to tell a pretty good in depth description of the film, but with Creep, I honestly do not think I can do such justice, so I'm going to keep this one nice and short. There's no way of beginning to share the juicy fun of this film without spoiling it. The film was released in March of 2014 at South by Southwest, and was released to Netflix just over a year later where it has become a cult classic since, receiving critical acclaim. The film is a found footage film, and follows Aaron, played by Patrick Brice, who is a videographer who is hired by Mark Duplass's character Josef to help film a project. Josef shares with Aaron that he has beaten cancer two years ago, but recently found out he has a brain tumor. So he hires Aaron to follow him around all day and record everything he does, so he can leave the recording to his wife Angela and their unborn son. Aaron agrees to the unusual request - and shortly after the camera goes on, things get flat out weird. Josef begins acting really bizarre, with small little things like carving "J + A" onto a large stone with a heart around the initials and a horrifying wolf mask that Josef claimed to wear to play out a rape fantasy involving animals that he had suspicions his wife had. The second half of the film takes off from there and will leave you absolutely speechless.

Creep is definitely a dark film. It's dark pretty much from the very beginning, and as you begin to learn more and more about Josef and the things he does, you quickly learn just why he is a creep. But as Duplass shares, the film looks at how we meet people who may seem a little bit off at first, and soon enough you start to see signs as to just why they're off. And the film does an unbelievable job at portraying this. It's overwhelming trying to put my initial reaction to this film into words, since it's such a well thought out, perfectly planned, and excellently executed piece of work. I literally just want to scream at people, "You need to see this movie!!!"

If you're a fan of mind-fuckery, twists and turns, and movies that will leave you feeling drained afterwards - Creep is going to be one of the top movies I'd recommend to you. Like I said, it's been three years since this film debuted and it's still hard for movies released since to top it. If you deal with real life creeps, give this a shot and then ask yourself, what really constitutes a creep? Because I have a feeling this shocker film will redefine the word for you.


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