Saturday Morning Sickness: Knights of the Abyss

Welcome to Saturday Morning Sickness, the bi-weekly feature at Soulless where we spend the morning taking a look at one of the old school deathcore and heavy metal bands who we haven't heard about in a while! We're talking about the bands of the Myspace era when deathcore began to really thrive and take off. On the last SMS, we took a look at Belie My Burial but this week we're focusing on the legendary KNIGHTS OF THE ABYSS.

Knights of the Abyss came into being in 2005 when drummer Andy Rysdam left Job for a Cowboy. The band ended up releasing three full lengths, an EP and a demo between 2005 and 2012, when the band went into a hiatus. In 2007 when Juggernaut was released, the band picked up a lot of traction with the Myspace crowd and the album kicked a ton of ass. I'm pretty sure when everyone first heard the chugging of the title track "Juggernaut," everybody was losing their damn minds - the initial breakdown hit you like a fist right to the face. The album continues with epic fucking tracks like "Emancipation," "I Pledge Agrievance," and "Decaying Waste" which featured Zack Vargas of Elysia, who were good friends with Knights of the Abyss. The album was released through Siege of Amida Records, and it really put KOTA on the map in the deathcore scene.

The band followed up with "Shades" which was released through Ferret Music and it was also very well received. It was put out in 2008 and it is another crazy twelve tracks that are a great leading example of heavy fucking music. It wasn't for another two years that the latest (and possibly final?) album by Knights of the Abyss - "The Culling of Wolves" which was the first release with their new vocalist Logan Kavanaugh, and it took Knights of the Abyss to a new, more mature and well rounded sound. The band supported the release with tours with Conducting from the Grave, Cattle Decapitation, and Devourment, so Knights of the Abyss certainly saw a good level of popularity.

As mentioned, the band are currently on an indefinite hiatus, so if the band puts out another release is anybody's guess - but a comeback would pretty exciting and it would be well received by fans, for sure.