Weekly Wretched: So This Is Suffering - Palace of the Pessimist

So This Is Suffering are one of the lesser known deathcore bands coming out of California, but they've been making tidal sized waves lately with their recent music videos for "Dreameater" and "Columbine," two tracks from their incredible new album "Palace of the Pessimist." The record was released on February 24th, but already has the internet in a frenzy about the beautifully crafted work of the four-piece representing Unique Leader Records. 2017 has already seen some pretty amazing music, but don't let "Palace of the Pessimist" fall through the cracks in your library - this is one album we think will not only place So This Is Suffering in their rightful place with the bigger names in the scene, but is a great album to please both new listeners to the genre as well as older fans of the breakdown-infused hardcore and metal. So This Is Suffering have done a great job of taking elements - whether intentional or not - of both the hardcore and metal scene and redefining the typical sound to create something raw, fresh, and undeniably angry.

"Sleeper Hold" (which features a great guest spot by Nick Arthur of Molotov Solution) kicks off Palace of the Pessimist and introduces you to the dominating and crushing forces of the guys. The track gets kinda crazy and all over the place as it continues - and the chaos sounds totally badass before leading into the first breakdown of the album. The intensity only builds and builds as tracks like "Palace," "Muerte Bella," and my personal favorite "The Sum of All Fears" continues to add crushing guitar and bass tones, impressive drum work and demonic vocals to the mix. Like I said before, you can definitely feel influences from both the metal and hardcore genres - but So This Is Suffering did a great job of blending the genres, although it definitely feels like more of a deathcore record than a hardcore one. "Portraits of Fixation" is a prime example of the bands talents combined - it's incredibly heavy and will totally leave its mark on you. And if you're having any doubt if "Palace of the Pessimist" is for you, "Dreameater" is the song you'll want to check out first in my opinion - it's a perfect lead in for what to expect for Palace. The album turned out totally sick and is certain to gain traction for the band. I'm excited for what's to come from So This Is Suffering, as they definitely don't seem like the type of dudes to stop now. 2017 is turning out to be the year of metal and STIS are certainly here to make their name known.


  1. Sleeper Hold

  2. Lecherous

  3. Xenomorphic

  4. Palace

  5. Columbine

  6. Surveil

  7. Muerte Bella

  8. Portraits of Fixation

  9. Dreameater

  10. The Sum of All Fears

Check out the video for "Sleeper Hold" below, and if you like what you hear, be sure to click here to pick up a copy of "Palace of the Pessimist" and click here to visit the band on Facebook!