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Forensic Files Is Still The Best Show Ever

Television these days is filled with a lot of trash - terrible reality shows, horrible news broadcasts, and some pretty half-assed sitcoms. But one show has prevailed through all of the lame gimmicks, terrible comedy, and reused story lines... and that show is the almighty Forensic Files! For those who may not have seen the show before (if that's even somehow possible!) - Forensic Files is a crime show that is shown very much in a documentary-style way that shows violent crimes and mysterious deaths, and how forensic science stepped in - sometimes even more than a decade later - to help solve the crime, put the suspect in custody, and the victims family at ease. It's easily the most addicting show possible - you really do get drawn into the story from the very beginning when the dramatization of the incident occurs, and as the story unfolds, the investigators use the smallest of clues to help solve cases that could not be solved without the help and advancement of forensic science!

Before it got its name Forensic Files, the show originally went under the name "Medical Detectives" when it first aired in 1996. The show was narrated by Peter Thomas - a voice that many people can pick out of a crowd, I'm sure. Thomas' voice ushers you around the crime scene as he explains what was left behind, what investigators did with the evidence, and how they linked suspects to the crime scenes. Many times, the show will introduce you to new types of tests and machines used in the forensic science field - with many names that are crazy to pronounce! - and how exactly the tests work and what kind of results they yield. The episodes were only thirty minutes each , but with fifteen seasons and 400 episodes, fans of the show have plenty of content to take in! As of the time I'm writing this, Netflix currently has a ton of episodes available for streaming - it's a binge-watchers paradise of death and destruction!

The show ran from 1996 until 2011, and in 2016, four more episodes were produced. Unfortunately, that same year, the voice of Forensic Files Peter Thomas passed away, thus ending a legendary reign few could say they've upheld. Even though Peter Thomas played a big part in what made Forensic Files so great, it was also the other people featured in the show that made it so addicting and pleasurable. The production team behind Forensic Files brought in people from all over the crime world together to share their opinions, stories, and experiences through their interviews. From police offers and medical examiners, to defense attorneys, pathologists, prosecutors, and even the victims families and friends - all of the people involved in the story are brought in and are welcome to share their memories and experiences on how they brought the story to an end.

The reason Forensic Files is still the best show ever is because amidst all of the trash and fabrications on television these days, Forensic Files still remains true. The stories are true, the people involved in the cases are true, and the techniques used to help solve the cases - all true. Forensic Files has done an incredible job over their twenty year history of illustrating an ugly world and how the right team of people, the right amount of persistence, and the combination of great minds can help bring justice to the victims and their families of the violent crimes that people relentlessly commit. It brings the victims story to life, and shares memories from before their death, and brings proper acknowledgement to the people involved in solving the case. Sometimes it feels as though Forensic Files is one of the realest things on television - sometimes even more real than the news networks. If I can recommend one show to anyone reading this, it's Forensic Files - do yourself a favor and share in the stories of the victims. It will bring you new appreciation for the advancements made in forensic sciences and even for the life you live today.


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