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Deathly Destinations: Cinco Saltos, Argentina

Welcome to Deathly Destinations at Soulless, where our focus is on haunted or deadly locations around the world. In the providence of Río Negro in Argentina, on the eastern side of the valley of the Neuquén River lies a city known as Cinco Saltos, which translates to "Five Waterfalls." The city gets its name from the five level steps of the canal that passes by the eastern limit of the city. To some, the city is known simply as Cinco Saltos, but to others, it is referred to by its darker name... the "City of Witches."

"The City of Witches" gets its name from the reports of witchcraft that apparently occurs in the region of Bajo Negro. The area reportedly gets no sunlight during the day, so it is, of course, the perfect location for sorcerers to conjure and perform ceremonies. There are people who claim that you will, on occasion, see large groups of people gather in Bajo Negro who are draped in black clothes and large robes exhibiting weird and unusual behavior. All of this is purely he-said she-said though, as no photographs or video has ever recorded any of these sightings.

Pelligrini Lake runs through Cinco Saltos, and is arguably the source of a lot of the dark energy or hauntings in the area. According to reports, a baby once drowned in the lake and as a result, the cries of an infant could often be heard by visitors to the area, however, the source of the cries and screams could never be discovered. It is rumored by the locals that the baby has not found salvation due to its unfortunate death, and that it spends its time trying to find comfort in the mortal world.

Another incident that occurred in the "City of Witches" was the discovery of a body by a group of workers who were restoring a cemetery in Cinco Saltos. The body that the workers discovered was of an eleven or twelve year old girl, and her body was found mummified and chained up, as well as completely intact and barely any decomposition to it. The strange thing about it is that the body was found to be buried nearly seventy years ago! Seventy years ago this body was tossed aside and there was still barely any decomposition to the body! How is this possible?! Local legend has it that the young girl was used as part of a witchcraft ritual, and that her body possesses special qualities to it after going through whatever experiences she went through. There are also reports that since the discovery of the body, there has been an elevated level of paranormal activity in the area as a direct result.

Tune in to the next Deathly Destinations for your dose of haunted locations, urban legends, and possibly your next vacation spot!


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