Saturday Morning Sickness: Annotations of an Autopsy

Welcome to another edition of Saturday Morning Sickness at Soulless, where we take a look at some of the older and sometimes forgotten bands from the scene from years past! On the last SMS, we took a trip back in time to when Knights of the Abyss were still around! This week, we're going back to the same time period when a particular band known as ANNOTATIONS OF AN AUTOPSY were one of the hardest bands in the metal scene!

Annotations of an Autopsy were a British deathcore band that formed in 2006, and who eventually ended up changing their sound to a more death metal sound in their later years. After only a year together, the band found themselves signed to Siege Of Amida Records, who helped the band put out the infamous "Welcome to Sludge City" EP which had two songs that really blew this band the fuck up: Welcome to Sludge City and Gore Gore Gadget. With this EP, the band set themselves up for their own popularity in the Myspace metal world - people simply couldn't get enough of the "she bleeds from every fucking hole!" part of Welcome to Sludge City, and the song became a staple in the early days of deathcore.

In 2008, the band had Ferret Music distributing their new album "Before the Throne of Infection" and the band was beginning to tour with big names such as Dying Fetus and Cannibal Corpse in the autumn of 2008. Two years later, in 2010, the band released their second studio album "The Reign of Darkness," this time on Nuclear Blast Records. The band followed up to "The Reign of Darkness" with one final EP in July of 2011 entitled "Dark Days," a four track EP that would ultimately be the final release from the UK based death metal outfit after they broke up in 2013. Unfortunately, I don't think the follow-ups to "Welcome to Sludge City" were as well received as the original songs put out by AOAA, which is such a shame since the other albums really were pretty sick. But I feel like this is something we've seen quite often over the years in this scene: bands got popular off of a particular song or whatever, and anything the band tries to follow up with, regardless of how good it is, is never as well received as the initial offering. I'd highly recommend going back and listening to both "Before the Throne of Infection" as well as "The Reign of Darkness" because they really are great albums.