Weekly Wretched: Wormhole - Genesis

Wormhole released one hell of an album towards the end of last year - Genesis; the long hyped debut full length from some truly brilliant minds. The project brings together the forces of Calum Forrest (of Operation Cunt Destroyer and Engorging the Autopsy) and Duncan Bentley (of Vulvodynia) on vocals, Sanjay Kumar on guitars/bass and Sanil Kumar on guitars. So already right off the bat, you better be prepared for an absolutely insane album, and boy do Wormhole bring it.

The album definitely falls into the technical brutal death metal genre - something you'll noticed just a few minutes in to Genesis. The brutality begins instantly when the first track "Nurtured in a Poisoned Womb" kicks in - the relentless drums take you right into the technicality of the guitars as the vocals begin to melt your face off. Before you know it, you are neck deep in full force death metal as the dual vocalists tear it up on the throat front with wailing guitars and beautiful blast beats behind them. The guitars are highly impressive and a very refreshing take on death metal guitarwork, which adds a decent level of extra appeal to the album. I'm not typically a fan of more technical guitars but these dudes got a sick way of making it super intricate and brutal at the same time. Songs like "Genesis Chamber," "Geoform 187" and "Battle Logic Disrupted" are prime examples of just how nutty these dudes can get. It doesn't seem like Genesis lets up at all - as the album progresses, the songs just get heavier and wilder. It's a part of what made this one of my favorite death metal releases of the past year, and why I think it's an important listen for anybody who digs the genre. It's definitely very different from your standard slam record - its got an extra something to it that makes it stand out. But don't get me wrong, fans of slam: you will also be very satisfied with what you're getting out of Wormhole's debut full length - you gotta remember who we're talking about here! My personal favorite - "Gravity Manipulation Unit" - is sure as fuck to be a crowd pleaser for anyone who likes their slams heavy and hard hitting - it's brutality until the very end!

If you're a fan of any of the dudes other projects, as well as bands like Aborted, Ingested, or Abominable Putridity - you've going to dig Genesis, without a doubt. Thanks for the legendary SLAM WORLDWIDE, check out the full album stream from SW's YouTube below! If you like what you hear, pick up a copy of the album and check 'em out on Facebook!