A Letter To Eddie

In light of recent events in the deathcore community, today at Soulless is less of an article and more of an editorial. There has been some drama developing over the past month or so, and I think now is an appropriate time as any to throw my two cents about it in, in the form of an open letter to Eddie Hermida of Suicide Silence.

Dear Eddie,

It'a shame it's gotten to this point. It's a shame your new album, which you touted as the record you were "born to write," was not well received by the metal community. It's a shame your bands new direction didn't settle well with many of your fans, but I guess that's fine by you since you claim you didn't write the record for Suicide Silence fans anyway (which is a weird fucking thing to do, by the way). It's a shame you've been getting a lot of shit from the online metal community - a lot of it is probably overkill, I agree. It's been over two months since "Doris" was released and I still see "teehee" memes every single day. So, sure, maybe Suicide Silence has been catching a lot of shit, which would break anybody down mentally - I totally get it. But what I don't get is shit talking other bands and people. Especially bands and people who are some of the hardest working dudes in the scene - constantly touring and pouring their heart and soul into every show they put on. Thy Art Is Murder - CJ especially - are some of the nicest fucking dudes I've met in the fifteen years I've been going to shows.

Tell you what - don't fucking worry about what other bands are doing. You literally said it yourself in regards to ASP: "...we always worried about what other bands were doing and how to be better than that." You make it sound like you're the top dog - you've got this whole thing figured out and you don't need to worry about anyone else, but then you go back on your words and talk shit about one of the bands that fans put on the same level as you. That's certainly not going to be the case since the released of your new album, and it's definitely not going to be the case after your loose cannon mouth dug you into this hole. TAIM didn't deserve the shade you threw at them - no hard working metal band does. And your comments towards CJ especially - you know, the whole him "selling out" thing - was fucking wasted words, and honestly, it's embarrassing you even brought it up. Clearly you didn't pay any attention to CJ's tell-all, where he clearly says he had an addiction and that his touring habits only helped enable it (on top of wanting to get married, pay for his house, etc.). He didn't leave and come back because he is a sellout. He left and came back because he had to handle his fucking shit. He had to be a man, put the mic down, and handle his shit. Maybe it's time you take a page from his book and handle your shit. Throwing TAIM and CJ under the bus was uncalled for, and the backlash you've no doubt been seeing across social media speaks for its self.

I used to be a tremendous fan of yours, dude. I've been a huge fan of ASP for years, and I lost my shit when I found out you were taking over for Suicide Silence after the loss of Mitch. I was ecstatic for You Can't Stop Me and even more ecstatic when I finally saw you just a few months ago on the Straight Outta Hell Tour. But what's been going on lately isn't cool, and I'm afraid to see you dig yourself into a deeper grave. I know the past few months of backlash could not be easy to take - trust me, I've seen some of the comments and people are getting pretty relentless with it. But responding by saying this album wasn't meant for your fans (the very people who helped get you to where you are now) and then by throwing one of the most beloved bands in the scene under the bus like that... that's not how you fix this dude. That's not how any of this should be handled; especially not by a man of your level, experience, knowledge, and reputation in this community. You know this though, I shouldn't even need to be saying any of this.

Here's to hoping that the internet eases up on you soon enough, and that maybe this can all be a learning experience for everyone involved. If you truly in your heart believe that this album and this new sound is where you and your band mates want to take Suicide Silence - that's fine, but don't be surprised to see another round of backlash like what you guys have unfortunately seen the past few months. The metal community loves you guys - that's why everyone is disappointed by your latest offering. There's a reason everybody loves SS - there's always been a heavy, hard-hitting sound with each Suicide Silence release. To just take that away and then say the album was meant for more open minded people and not for sellouts - yeah, you're gonna get some disappointment.

But like I said, hopefully this has been a learning experience and we can all just move past this. Besides, CJ and Thy Art are kinda busy getting ready to take over the world and "save deathcore," even though our community is far from dead.

Love always,

a longtime fan of you, suicide silence, and all shall perish.