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Weekly Wretched: Human Error - Upon A Throne of Greed

"Upon A Throne of Greed" is the highly anticipated EP from Vicious Instinct Records artist HUMAN ERROR. Those who have been following along with this band are well aware of just who this band is comprised of, but for those of you out of the loop: Human Error has Luke Griffin on vocals (of Acrania) and Jake Hadley on drums (also of Acrania), Luke Haarhoff on guitars (of Vulvodynia and Engorging the Autopsy), Matt Mader on guitars (of Vulvodynia), and Dan Cooke on bass (of Acrania). So yeah, this lineup was created by the gods of slam to bring forth one fucking monster of an EP for us, and Upon A Throne of Greed is just that.

The EP consists of only five songs and clocks in at just under 20 minutes, but Human Error did a phenomenal job of packing a whole lotta punch into their twenty minutes of pure vile slam. The album kicks off with "Societal Paralysis," which has an eerie robotic-sounding spoken word track before leading a single guitar and Luke Griffin's vocals hit you with the full force of a freight train. I may be biased since I am a huge Acrania fan, but Luke Griffin fucking kills it on not only this song, but this whole EP. The guitars are crushing, loud, and dominating as Griffin throws his infamous squeals and highs over them. All the while the drums are pounding away in the background bringing the whole song to fruition. Griffin's distinct fast-as-fuck vocal style also makes its self very well known throughout this EP, and it kicks total ass. "Intus Diabolis" features the notable vocals of Mark Poida from Aversions Crown - and he totally kills the guest vocals alongside Griffin's incredible pig squeals - this dude seriously crushes it from beginning to end. "Billions Made As Millions Die" features Dickie Allen of Infant Annihilator, and is the song that really brought the hype up for this band over the past few months - the heaviness of this song certainly caught the attention of fans of Acrania and slam in general. It crushes. And the final track off Upon A Throne is entitled "Human Error," and has a guest feature by Ben Duerr - another totally sick guest spot by the Shadow of Intent vocals. The intensity of this whole EP kills me that it's just that - an EP. This five song tease was well worth the wait, but it definitely makes you wish that there was more tracks! Upon a Throne of Greed definitely satisfies your slamming deathcore needs - don't get me wrong - it's sick. But now that I've heard this... I want a full album! I'll be jamming this EP for a long time to come, I can guarantee you that much! DO NOT PASS THIS UP!

Thanks to the brothers in death at SLAM WORLDWIDE, you can listen to the entire EP right here through their YouTube channel! Check out the album below, and if you like what you hear, be sure to buy a copy and show Human Error some Facebook love!


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